Gift guide for great gamers: GTA V



People I’m going to say something I thought I would never have to say: please parents – don’t buy this game for under-age gamers. I’m serious  – and surprised how many adults buy a game called ‘Grand Thief Auto V’ for little Jimmy & Jamey who are only 8 years old or under. This game is as raw, violent, and sexual, as any game I’ve ever played (and that’s a lot of games people). There’s no real reason why people can’t do research on titles before they buy them, with the internet  sites like Video Game Armada (cheap pop) its easier than ever  to find games age appropriate (which GTA V is definitely not).  Again this game is not for little kids, however if you’re old enough to drink and smoke (and don’t mind doing rather graphic things from time to time) this game will fit you like a T. A world within a world, and characters with minds of their own, you’ll lose endless hours living and doing in San Andreas. Even my biggest gripe, GTA Online, is better now (or so some gamers have said) so if you managed to finish everything in the single player there is a whole different side of the city in the multiplayer to tackle. In short GTA V is: not for kids, a guilt pleasure for adults, a well crafted single player with an extremely dark sense of humor, a recovering glitchly multiplayer that’s pretty good too, and a good adult only gift for adult gamers.







Game Review: GTA Online



So since GTA V is a flaming run-away success (despite the controversies) it stands to reason that the online version of this game will be a great addition. Well you all remember what they say about the best laid plans.





So Online begins with the character creator, and unlike most more character creators, this one uses pre made parents and grand parents to determine what you look like. After that your character is introduced to Los Santos and meets up with a familiar character. After he gives you a gun, puts you in a street race, gets you to rob a drug dealer and change your clothes – you free to get reacquainted to the city. Now a few differences between the story game and the online version; unlike Michael, Franklin and Trevor, your character is woefully underpowered and doesn’t have any special abilities. Also money and weapons are in very short supply. To fix these problems players can choose to do jobs, which are online instances that allow you to race, kill, and steal. If you do well then you’ll get exp and jp (job points  – I think) which will get you access to better equipment, vehicles, missions, and most importantly money. Also keeping driving, shooting, and fist fighting, etc. and the more your stats will slowly build like in the story game. Jobs, heists, and city activities are best done with like-minded players and with 12 players per online city it’s ez to find help –eventually. GTA Online is really fun playing as your own guy or gal, running through the streets, robbing quikie-marts, selling hot cars, running races, getting into heists, and doing all the things online you did in the story. This in its self would be the best part of the true GTA experience; but in reality it is the worst. Thanks to player killing d-bags (which others players have to suffer through unless they pay for a passive mode), a horrible create-a-character mode, a lame queuing systems for doing jobs, not being able to log in to online at hours at a time,  and finally the unforgivable event of losing a character multiple times during log in(myself twice, some people used real money on their characters) makes this the most terrible launch I’ve ever seen of a game. I know the game will be fixed in time, and the online portion is very ambitious with everything its trying to do – doesn’t it deserve a break (They did warn us after all)? No. Because the single player took two+ years to create, program, and test to near-perfection; you can’t tell me they couldn’t to the same to the Online – if they put in the effort. But they didn’t; it’s sloppy, disrespectful, and taints an otherwise excellent game. GTA Online didn’t fly too close to the sun, in didn’t even get into the air.








The Fall of Games: Grand Theft Auto Online + micro transactions = GTA$



This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone especially since A) a lot of online games are taking this route and B) GTA is all about the quick and easy if you’re willing to pay; but if you didn’t know micro transaction will be available via GTA$.  Meaning that if you want “cars, guns, clothes, flash and style” sooner rather than later you can buy them directly by buying GTA$. Of course I know someone of you is crying foul, but really it’s not that big of a deal. The weapons – none of them are OP, just function differently, sure snipes are powerful but every snipes in video games are powerful. Vehicles – forget about it, most vehicles look well but again won’t affect much, especially in precision driving (go so fast in GTA and you’ll crash, simple as that).  Everything else is just salad dressing, I myself have very rarely brought from any game’s micro transactions so chances are I won’t be buying much with real money in GTA O either. Besides if I really want something I’ll do like most in Los Santos: at gun point. See you all online.



The Fall of Games: Review Week – Grand Theft Auto V



It’s breaking  sales worldwide, to say it’s controversial is an understatement, it is the last great game of the current console generation (for PS3 & 360 I mean), it is causing people to do stupid things in real life. Ah it must be Grand Theft Auto time again, and it’s about time; Saints Row III & IV came and went before this game released. So the question is; how good is it?



GTA V returns to San Andreas where players do a Lost Vikings and not only control one criminal, but three; Michael – a ‘retired’ bank robber, Franklin – a gang banger trying to go straight, and Trevor – a psychopath. These three people from different walks of life will come together under strange circumstances to survive the city of Los Santos and hopefully find their big score. This series has been open world, do want you what, since the original GTA; however five has taken sim life to a whole new level. Without even doing any missions you can buy guns, explore the net, watch TV, listen to talk radio, do crazy car stunts, see a movie, buys some clothes, pimp out your ride, stop robberies, cause robberies, and way, way, WAY more – and even more than that after you unlock other activities throughout the game. Once you get into the story you’ll really get into the story, the characters and the situations they get themselves into. There is a surreal complexity to it all that is both too ridiculous to take serious and at same time some of the most cleaver writing I’ve seen in fiction. Even bat-crap crazy characters like Trevor I care about to a certain degree because they are so well designed and excused. And thank the almighty they put the fun back into the series because GTA IV was boring as nut sometimes and the main character, although an interesting dude, was too much of a sad sack.  So if you hadn’t noticed by now GTA V is a winner in all categories save for one: the beep’n controls… Why Rockstar, why must the best game you guys created have the absolute worst control scheme ever? It’s downright primeval! Forgot trying to fly anything in this game because you’ll be only crashing it! Driving can be a demolition derby and for freak sake a button for running –AGAIN!!!  I’m going to stop and give this a Platinum Pass of Perfection before I change my mind and rampage like Trevor.








This just in(Or not): Grand Theft Auto Online



You know people, when it comes to the games Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row I’ll always be in the Saints Row camp for many reasons (which I’ll explain in the Saints Row IV review tomorrow). However GTA is a legacy brand that continues to develop characters and picture-esque locations. V should be their greatest game to date, but once this news shaked down the pipes, GTA V became a much bigger picture – or the biggest shame. Grand Theft Auto Online, in my opinion, is the continuation of V. You play as a new arrival to Los Santos ready to take over the world in classic GTA fashion, which mostly means committing crimes. However you won’t be alone, as the Online in GTA Online means up to 16 people can and will be joining you in the city – doing their own thing or teaming up with you (or each other) for larger jobs. Of course it wouldn’t be Auto if you couldn’t do things like interact with colorful characters, explore your surroundings, customize your gear, and have fun with extra stuff. With similar games like APB Reloaded and CrimeCraft, GTA Online should flourish like especially since it’s free to people with a GTA V retail copy. However I’m concerned that since the PS4 or Xbox One is not backwards compatible you ether have to stick with a dead console or wait until the game becomes available for the next gen console – and who knows when that will be. So yeah an ‘A’ for effort guys, but an ‘F’ for execution. Still… I’m going to play it for the few months I’ll have it. Stay tuned.






Games & Gear of 2013 – Grand Theft Auto V (9/17/2013)


Yep, that’s it. Go pre-order now.




This Just in (or not) – Grand Theft Auto V trailer premiers


Forget this nonsense rivality between Battlefield 3 and Modern Combat 3, the real turf war begins today. Saint’s Row: The Third comes out in a couple of weeks and let’s face it -they been doing all they can to show gamers out there that GTA is old hat, boring, and not the defining open world game it use to be. Not to be outdone by purple upstarts Rockstar games is releasing the trailer to GTA V riiiiight now! So ladies and gentleman, let the games begin.