Walkthrough 4 U: Rogue’s Choice – Chapter 5




Fun fact: You don’t really search for a dress in this chapter. You do almost everything else though. Now as a champion of a new trickster god you have access to powerful abilities and self healing – however this god is more likely to troll you than to help you at times. Honestly though there are worst of conditions to wield other worldly powers. Also, bonus, now you’re dual-class! Any who let’s continue with the latest installment.


‘It is more fun in the city.’
Think it over
Walk past them
Use the obscene gesture
Slippery spell
‘Taking a tour.’
‘This place is a sewer!’
Pull the hope
Say your companion is an idiot.
Do nothing for now
Call out to them
Cast an illusion
Merchant and escorts
Be silent for now
Take off the amulet and hide it


Walkthrough 4 U: Rogue’s Choice – Chapter 4




Now I love game books from Delight Games, however the Rogue’s Choice stories were different. In addition to the previous chapters being quite difficult, the main character, Rooster (well I named him Rooster anyway), in short is weak. All the other main characters in the other stories always had a special skills, magic, or technology that made them a force. With Rooster however – up until the point, he was always ‘this’ close to misfortune and/or death with no direct way of countering his miserable fate. Mostly it’s luck that decides if he lives or dies and that, my friends, makes a very poor main character; but Chapter 4 is a turning point. From here Rooster will gain the ability to combat the dire situations he seems to constantly find himself in. The ability is limited, the story doesn’t get any easier, and indeed the power itself can be a blessing and a curse. However it is something Rooster (and by extension players) have sorely needed in this series; it’s not perfect but it gives us fighting chance – and people that’s all I need.


Stay silent
Pick the lock
Charge and attack
Call back to the man
Scout ahead
Charge at her
‘I am now a priest of Alathia!’
Oohr, God of trickery
Cast an illusion
Beautiful female goblin
Search the bodies


Walkthrough 4 U: Rogue’s Choice – Chapter 3



Oh Rats… Sorry couldn’t help myself.






‘You are amazing’

Leave now

Go for the window

Drop down


You will go first

Open the shutters

Throw your spear

Call for magic

Search the body

Let her be

Meet them with your spear

Try to Coax them to you

Bind your wounds here


Walkthrough 4 U: Rogue’s Choice – Chapter 2



The Rogue’s first day in the Ring City was pretty tricky to say the least; but through luck, skill, and a silver tougne he was to aqurier information, quick cash to pay his (and family’s) debts and perhapse an ally in the wizard Krea. However as day turns to night you’ll have to find a place to sleep, and soon, otherwise you’ll become the next nameless victim in a city where brutal thugs aren’t the only monsters around.








Observe outside

Try to get her attention from here

Extinguish the light

Leave a note

Thanking him for the sacrifice

Hide in the shadows

Perform a magic trick


Speak to her

Speak to her

Talk about Malah

She seems like a good woman

Suggest a deal







Walkthrough 4 U: Rogue’s Choice – Chapter 1



Today people is a red letter day! We have a new CYOA book from Delight Game – but! It is a story that returns us to the world of Wizard Choice! In Rouge’s Choice, you play as that, a rouge. A man who only has the clothes on his back and two gold coins to rub together who just arrived at the Ring City. A stranger is this town only becomes a dead man, so in this first volume you’ll need money, information and possibly friends. While this section (and all future sections) of Rouge’s Choice is rather short, it is, by far, the most difficult CYOA walk-through series to date. So people if you choose different answers outside what the walk-through states, then you’re going to be at risk. Then again, risky business is the rouge’s M.O. so go accordingly.




Buy them a round

Harder stuff

Play straight

Buy the best

Let it slide

Pay a compliment

Compliment the redhead’s voice

Be honest

Let it slide

Attempt to pickpocket

Try for a duet

Stay gentlemanly



Do not ask a question



Make the payment


Gift Guide for Great Gamers: Infamous – Second Son



Super heroes are big right now and unfortunately there aren’t a lot of offline super heroes’ games out there that don’t suck or get stuck with a next year release date. Well good news people! Infamous – Second Son is one such superhero/anti-hero title that will tie you over til the next year. It has it all: open world city, awesome powers (some of which you get to steal), side missions, drama, next-gen power, and stickin it to da man. The game even has a DLC ready to go to expand the adventure and provide some back story. This PS4 exclusive is a gem for people just getting the system and wants to know what the hub-bub is all about. So make that person’s Christmas Day and buy it, it’s no Arkham Knight but playing as an anarchist version of Rogue and Nightcrawller ain’t bad either.







Dragon Age Inquisition Week – The Classes



This is what I’m talking about people. As info from Inquisition started to ramp up a lot of subjects were addressed save for one: the classes. As one of my favorite parts of Dragon Age and a key component of the games in general it surprised me how little content was provided – til now. Yez! With the drop of the release date; their website, dragonage.com, got a major overhaul which added a lot of niffy tidbits including classes for the game! Now it doesn’t have any class play videos or developer analysis yet but they do have knowledge on the three archetypes and as we all know: knowledge is power… Eh, sorry. Anyway they have class descriptions, a few pics and, as of now, one specialization to real over (though it would have been nice if they unlocked them all new). Me? Well in the first game I played mage(well I played all the classes but I settled on mage for the storyline), and on the last game I went 2H-warrior, so for this one I want to go rouge and specialize in Duelist. However with the advent of the Artificer specialization for the rouge I’m going to use that instead. I don’t know much outside the four sentence description but screams to me ‘Pick me! Pick me!’ so I will. Which way will you play? Click the links below and find out.










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