Sony to hold meeting about the future of the PlayStation tonight in New York

Tonight, Sony is holding a meeting with journalists about the PlayStation in New York City. While there is no official word of what topics the meeting will cover, it is believed one of them will address the Sony’s next-gen console, the PlayStation 4.  A source belonging to the gaming website Kotaku reports that the PS4 will be out this November in the United States. Code named, Orbis, information about the PS4’s controller (see above) was leaked last month. The VGArmada will continue to cover this story as more details surface.

You didn’t hear this from me, but! – Evil Ryu and Devil Kazuya may be coming to Street Fighter X Tekken… for free.


According to an unconfirmed source  received by, Capcom is intending to release the $20 character pack for the PlayStation 3 and X-Box 360 versions of Street Fighter X Tekken a month early to coincide with the release of the games PlayStation Vita release. The pack already contains Street Fighters, Cody, Guy, Blanka, Sakura, Elena and Dudley as well as Tekken characters, Lei, Christie, Lars, Alisa, Bryan and a Jack series robot (dubbed Jack-X). As an apology to fans who opposed their DLC decisions, rumor is that Evil Ryu and Devil Kazuya will also be added to the pack with no extra charge. Other things mentioned in the article includes PS3 exclusive characters, Mega Man and Pac-Man being released in July (in part due to them being on the X-Box disc anyway), several proposed balancing and glitch fixes, other new DLC including gems and costumes and the name of the alleged new Darkstalkers game, Darkstalkers 4: Vampire Resurrection.