Let’s Play a Little: Captain Commando


CAPTAIN COMMANDO!!!! (in glorious broken anime voice)






Let’s Play a Little: Battle Circuit


Finally… BATTLE CIRCUIT (in glorious robot voice) is here!






Final Definitive Review: Star Wars – Rise of Skywalker

Why is it called the ‘Final Definitive Review’? Because it is the review to end all reviews, and I determine the fate of the the sequel trilogy forward moving. Enjoy!





Let’s Play a Little: The Outer Worlds (Part 4)


We wrap up our LPL with a little old fashion re-taking of the caste/base/building of varying importance, I luv the classics.





Let’s Play a Little: The Outer Worlds (Part 3)


Now let’s hunt the most dangerous game of the all… Crazy marauders… Which is also man! (Again sorry about the controller noise)







Let’s Play a Little: The Outer Worlds (Part 2)


A hunting we will go. (Also sorry about the controller noise, the thing’s pretty old)











Let’s Play a Little: The Outer Worlds (Part 1)


Hey people! Are you tried of waiting for Cyberpunk? Are you a fan of Fallout-like games? Well do I have an LPL for you!





Let’s Review: Anthem


Today on Let’s Review we take a look of the BioWare’s newest title; Anthem. Is it a great game or just the sum of glitchly parts? Well there’s only one way to find out – watch on.






Let’s Review: Incredibles 2

Better late than never right?







Why I won’t play: No Man’s Sky


Time to answer that age old question of a couple of weeks ago.

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