Let’s Watch: Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference of 2016

E3 2016


And… DONE!!! WOO HOO!  Finally I’m free! First of all, thank you all Armada loyal for sticking with me through this, I’m glad E3 is only once a year.

The editing, was, unending… But worry not, next year will be much better, because I’ve learned a lot through my trials and tribulations.

Soon Video Game Armada will be back to full strength with LPL’s, Reviews, Batman (maybe), walkthroughs (definitely), and all the good stuff in life.

Now as for the Nintendo E3 press conference, I held off my rating until I watched the whole weeks worth of content (the video here is only the first day – heavily edited). Now that I have, and the event is long past done, I’ll pass my Judgement.

For what they showed it was great, especially the new Zelda title, which I might actually pick up and play.

However I found their show overall lacking in cool meaty details that you know they have like, I don’t know, the NX, for example (I understand why they didn’t as Sony & Microsoft are already combating the NX’s eventual arrival with their 2.5 consoles).

It also lacked the showmanship of previous transmissions as well, so Nintendo, unfortunately didn’t win E3 this year. That goes to Microsoft,  for having the right amount of interesting titles, energy of their press event, and no girl wood (sorry, last time).

Anywho, now that I’m finally done it’s back to business as usually at the Armada – stay tuned.