Armada’s E3 picks: Star Fox Zero (2015)


Finally for all the fans who awaited, it’s time to do a barrel role again.

Armada’s E3 picks: Super Mario Maker (9/11/2015)


Mario maker was revealed last E3, Super Mario Maker was revealed this E3; so was there any difference between the two besides adding ‘Super’ in the title? More than you think, actually. New levels (underworld, underwater, castles, etc.), more enemies (chain chops, thwomps, wigglers, etc.), more items (wings, fire rods, bowser’s clown car, etc.), amiibo support, the addition of the Super Mario 3 art style, and yes, we can share our dream Mario courses online for all the world to see (and play). There is no question how tough Mario levels can be – now this fall we can unleash our inner Miyamoto and see if we can out create the masters.




Armada’s E3 picks: New Star Fox game (TBA)

Now this game first showed up as a blurry screen that Shigeru Miyamoto was playing on before he turned around and addressed the audience at the Nintendo Digital Event.  Now me I didn’t pay much attention but alot of you did and identified it as a new star fox game. As it turns out you all were correct; that was a small confirmation of a New Star Fox game being developed right now. Sadly that’s all we were able to get, not even a CGI trailer. However the big game news sources like Gamespot & Kotaku have had some hands on time with the game. Both of them mirrored each other comments like: using the Wii U game pad to turn and steer, the game uses both TV and gamepad screens to effective pilot the Arwing, and since this game is still being the developed it’s not the most polished looking. You know waiting is always the hardest part about being a gamer and I know you Star Fox fans are already chomping at the bit to get at this game. But please have patience; Miyamoto hasn’t let us down yet and once the game is finally done you’ll find that all your expectations will be met. I just hope Fox McCloud can leave this title on a happier note, seriously the multiple stories of  Star Fox Command are downright Greek tragedies.

Armada’s E3 picks: Project giant robot + Project guard (TBA)


Ah Nintendo, always stay quirky.

E3: Nintendo Press Conference – Wii U be impressed?


Finally we’re at the last of the major public press conference of the show, and I can’t think of any other company to take us home – Nintendo. Though some won’t admitted it, everybody was thinking about the Wii U at this year’s E3; will it be everything Nintendo said and more or is it another sad, tragic tale of E3 hype? Fortunately we saw a small sample of its power with the Ubisoft conference and I’m glad to say Nintendo follow up rather nicely. So let’s begin and what we have to look forward to in the near future.





Wii U



The show begins with the father of gaming himself introducing: Shigeru Miyamoto. Of course in classic Miyamoto fashion he entertains the crowd with various good humored tricks and few Pikmins (more on that in a minute). After a little fun it’s time to go to work talking about the thing everyone wants to know about – the Wii U. Now unlike Microsoft & Sony talking about their hardware updates and boring me to death; the Wii U is new tech, mysterious, and (once again from Nintendo) a groundbreaking console in the world of Video Games. So not only will I be including a clip here, but also a link to the official site that has more information. The wait is over people, let’s start absorbing.


Hardware Spec






Pikmin 3



“Real-time action management” game is what Miyamoto called the upcoming title for Wii U, Pikmin 3. In fact he wanted this game for the new system and there’s little mystery why. It looks viewful, easily rivaling Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in graphical power (so worry warts please calm down the Wii U looks great). This game is not just a rehash either, Captain Olimar doesn’t crash land again (actually Miyamoto didn’t say what happened to the illustrious captain from the first game) To be honest we don’t know the full story of this game either (seems to be the theme of the E3 2012, that and bow and arrows). But we do know that we get new Rock Pikmin to lob at enemies and walls; and with the Wii U controller you get an overhead map for easy access of your surroundings. All & all a short but sweet demo.



New Super Mario Bros U



Reggie Fils-Aime takes center stage and after announcing they will be showing 23 Wii U titles (most in quick order) throughout the conference; starting with the New Super Mario Bros U trailer. Like the first New Super Mario Bros it featured four players playing at once, large, live stages, and the like. The U version however can downsides into the U controller for portable play or active ‘boost mode’ where the user (or whatever) can drop block in the stage to help the others. Looks good, but my only wish is that let it be someone else who kidnaped the Princess, if it’s Bowser one more time I’ll let him have her.




Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition



Now here’s something for the hardcore audience, Batman Arkham City Armored Edition. Now the original Arkham City was good as a game could be: excellent story, gripping characters, deep environment, and the whole nine.  That being said a few things could have been better like the controls. More to the point the use of gadgets, especially in battle; with Armored Edition players can use the touch screen controller to quickly access Batman’s gear.  Now instead of remembering which button combination actives your Bat plastique in a fight, you just point and click. Also you can even empower Batman’s armor for a short time, wish I had that in the first game. So if you missed out on the first game and plan on getting the Wii U, you might want to consider this. Heck people who already played the first game will be getting this so you might as well.





Scribblenauts Unlimited



Scribblenauts is another gem I never got around to playing, not because I thought the game was bad or anything but quite frankly many other games had priority and thus never had time to give it a try (I’m behind in the three of the most resent Ratchet & Clank games for goodness sake – now inexcusable). However for the Wii U I’ll make time with Scribblenauts Unlimited. The main character of this series has a unique ability: the make any object the player types in a reality (within reason for an ‘E’ rated game). So if your enemies are ice cats, create fire dogs; or if need to dry up a lake type up a giant sponge and your business. In unlimited not only can you draw your creations and customize them to your liking, but this game is multiplayer too. Finally you can show people the power of a stick figure holding a flamethrower (and how many hours in free period drawing  it, wasn’t time wasted either).


– What follows is a massive steam of other titles that will be a part of the Wii U. Some are news while other is not so old favorite. Butt enough that’s needs to go into details about so moving on –





WiiFit U



Ah exercise, I say if it doesn’t work out the thumbs then it’s just work. But some people think being physically fit is a good thing and decided to turn it into a video game just to lure gamers off their couches and into sweat pants. With both Wii balance board and the U Controller working in tandem, WiiFit U offers new games to health buffs – but also the freedom to leave the board and exercise anywhere you want (thanks again to U Controller).




Sing (Working title)



First working out, and now singing. Is Nintendo trying to make me less antisocial? Sing (Working title) is more or less Karaoke at home. Using the U controller to read the lyrics players try to sing each other under the table. And that’s pretty much it from what I can tell from the trailer. As for me, I don’t sing, I rap – Kick, punch, it’s all in the mind.




Lego City Undercover



Here in the mean streets of Lego City, crime is rampant and no brick is safe. Only hero is strong enough, fast enough, and legoy enough to save from certain destruction: Chase McCain (and of course you). Guild him to take down studs robbers, infiltrate secret hideouts, and build things just because you can. Chase can also go undercover as different civilians and even criminals to open up different paths and see that justice is done. The city has many secrets and you’ll be able to discover them all in this open world adventure. And it is indeed an adventure as Chase will meet different character along the way whether they be friend or foe. He’ll do whatever he must to stop crime, even if it cost him his life – which is not so bad because we can build him later.




Just Dance 4



AHHHHHH! It’s the return of the 1980’s throwback dancers! Tiara mic Flo Rida from be far behind, run for your lives! Seriously, it wouldn’t be a Nintendo press conference without an obligatory dancing title, this year it’s Just Dance 4. Now what make this one different is the player who uses the U controller can become the ‘puppet master’ and make the other players dance from whatever style from the selection. Imagine the embarrassing potential people. This is a good feature but honestly I would have liked this promo anyway just for the simple fact that Reggie Fils-Aime said that  “Being the puppet master is kinda like being the chief of Nintendo of America” – Epic win baby.




Zombi U



Ever since seeing the trailer for Zombi U at Ubisoft press conference I wanted to know more (everyone did really). Fortunately we got our wishes as a play through trailer of said game was shown at the Nintendo press conference. The particulars are that you are trying to survive a zombie outbreak (of course), but the U pad is the all-in-one survival tool. It’s a scanner, inventory pack, enhanced for sniping action, and even for melee. Sadly that’s all we got out of it (tease); but do not worry, I’ll be keeping a close eye on this and so should you all.




Nintendo Land



Nintendo Land… Well… Good? People Nintendo is known for changing the way we play games and don’t always stay to a certain mode of expectation. As the as last game of the conference I would have put something like Metroid or Mario. I would have been happy with another Wii Sports (Wii U Sports maybe?) but this comes so out of left field that I don’t know what how to feel. Angry, confused, glad, hungry, what? From watching this I was really unimpressed and this is from the guy who through the Wii heart sensor could have practical applications in games ( I still do – don’t judge me). But from Nintendo Land all I see is a modified version of Mario Party and nothing more. However I rather not be that guy who pre judges things without giving it a fair shake. So to that end I’ll say nothing else til me and its reckoning (I owe Nintendo that much).






Sadly because of Nintendo Land, I cannot give Nintendo the best of the show like I wanted because they did everything else right. They entertained me, informed me (mostly), and showed me why I like video games as much as I do now. But hey that just me; if you all got something out of the press conference (all of them really- not just Nintendo) that helped you line up the next great games and gear for your library then they did their jobs correctly. So with that it wraps up all the major press conference at this year’s E3. But I’m not done yet, in a very soon post I’ll put the Nintendo 3DS E3 games and my personal picks from E3 that I’m looking forward toward in the future. Til then stay tuned.

This just in (Or not) – Shigeru Miyamoto wins an award for being awesome


Well not really, but might as well have because this man (and a few others at Nintendo) saved the video game industry from certain destruction back in the 80’s with the creation of the Super Mario Bros. and the Nintendo Entertainment System. Nearly 30 years later and people still haven’t forgotten it either; if there was a gaming version of Shakespeare – Shigeru Miyamoto would be it. This time around it’s the people of Spain as they are awarding him the Premios Príncipe de Asturias (Prince of Asturias Award) for his Communications and Humanities works (making games that everyone can play and not just ‘gamers’). Of course being as awesome as Mr. Miyamoto is; he credited most of his success to the people and staff that have helped him over the years. If we had it in the budget (or had a budget), I would make and give an award to Mr. Miyamoto and friends every day for the rest of my life. However since I can’t, I’ll have to settle with a vigorous and heartfelt congratulation to Mr. Miyamoto and friends – keep being awesome.



Shigeru Miyamoto is #1 on ‘TIME 100’ poll – The people have spoken


You know I’ve been playing GTA VI (review coming) pretty hard lately so I haven’t had the time to watch TV. However yesterday I was watching the iconic master of American punditry, Steven Colbert. On his show he told the viewers that he came in 3rd on Time’s most influential people’s poll (Better luck next year Stevie). However the person who came in 1st was the daddy of games himself, Shigeru Miyamoto. Mr. Miyamoto is someone I truly respect, because he’s the guy to saved gaming for us all with his games ‘Donkey Kong’ and ‘Super Mario Bros.’ respectably. Even today his titles keep reinventing gaming structure giving endless possibilities to future games; and all without resorting to bloody murders or X-rated orgies. So I offer my congras Mr. M for this high accomplishment in not only your skills as an entertainer, but your brilliant imagination.