Let’s Play a Little: Borderlands 3


Bazillion guns, surreal worlds, half naked men (and now women) wanting to eat my eyelids from the inside out – yep, it’s Borderlands time once again.








Let’s Preview: Gigantic (Part 3 of 3)


Just in time for the Christmas season; Part three of three of Gigantic, a free to play Strategic Hero Shooter, in today’s Let’s Preview.






Let’s Preview: Gigantic (Part 2 of 3)


Just in time for the Christmas season; Part two of three of Gigantic, a free to play Strategic Hero Shooter, in today’s Let’s Preview.








Let’s Preview: Gigantic (Part 1 of 3)


Just in time for the Christmas season; Part one of three of Gigantic, a free to play Strategic Hero Shooter, in today’s Let’s Preview.





Let’s Play a Little: Evolve


Today people I play a little Evolve, because regular hunting is boring, but hunting in outer space on a planet that makes Jurassic park look like a playground, using weapons and skills that Rambo would definitely approve of, fighting a beast that not only can grow it’s own armor but can evolve stronger over time (who can be controlled by another player) – is not boring.







Games and Gear (of 2017): Splatoon 2


You know, when Splatoon 2 was announced some people thought Nintendo missed an opportunity for word play on the title itself. However that’s incorrect, I mean how would that work: ‘Spla-2’ or ‘Splatwo’ or ‘Splatwoon’ or ‘Splatwoon 2: electric boogaloo’. Nintendo does silly, but not stupid, and cramming a 2 in Splatoon somehow would be stupid. Now since that was addressed, on to the video.










Games and Gear (of 2016): Tom Clancy’s The Division


It’s Tom Clancy’s, which means the U.S. is doomed.

Games & Gear of 2015: Splatoon (05/29/15)


Now here’s a question people: what would a 3rd person shooter look like if it was developed and published by Nintendo? Why it would be colorful, full of whimsy, contain a fair bit of challenge, fun for the whole family, and pretty violent on the down low. Splatoon is that game people. Players are squid-human hybrids who face other squid-human hybrids for control of an area. How do you control an area? Two ways really: shooting people in the face (classical method) or cover everything in your colors a.k.a. your ink. Inking the world has benefits like giving you environmental advantages or unlocking new paint based weapons (giant rollers and laser paint air strikes anyone?). The trick is do you focus on fighting enemies or coating the walls you’re your colors, each action could bring success or failure depending of the level or your opponents. This is why you never count out Nintendo games: they may start simple and innocent but over time will reveal layers complexity for any veteran gamers to challenge themselves with. Splatoon is that game people, and will release this year.





That’s Gamertainment – Team Snow Fortess


Well people Spring is finally here (though depending where you are, you’re still getting snow oddly enough) and a lot of people are glad about that fact. Indeed this Winter was not only tough but would come out of nowhere with ‘Thunder Snow’ and ‘Polar Vortexies’ a plenty. However certain you tubers made the best out of a frigid situation and decided what better way to use the white stuff than to make a parody video about one of the best shooters on the market today: Team Fortress 2. Something also tells me if there was  winter in TF2 land this is exactly how it would play out. Enjoy!




Game Review: Call of Duty – Ghosts



Ah people we are lucky because not only do we have the next great console war just right around the corner, but the latest military shooter war has just begun: Battlefield v Call of Duty. Yes those two IPs have been going at it forever and a day now and while Battlefield 4 is more of the same, Call of Duty – Ghosts decided to be a little different.


My new theme song people, just take it in…


Normally in the Modern Warfare era of games the protagonist force (usually American) are fighting against terrorists or traitors set to collapse the world. We win of course, but in ghosts not so much. A new superpower known as the Federation hi jacked one of world’s most powerful weapons and laid waste to a lot of the U.S.A. Now little more than a loose collection of fighters; they (and by extention us) must rally back and drive the Feds from our soil. But hey, I know and you know people don’t play CoD for the story but for the legendry multiplayer – so how does that fare? It starts strong with a bunch of playable modes, wide selections of weapons, customizable soldiers, new locals to fight in, killstreaks, perks, and a lot of unlockables a plenty. However as I played the matches I’ve noticed some key differences this game had from previous games in the series. For one it doesn’t look as good; MW 2 & 3 had some pretty vibrant stages that had personality about them – Ghosts does not (Jungle, Factory, Ruin, repeat). Another thing about the stages is that (save for one) they are very pro camping; if you got a silencer, a high caliber weapon, and the right perks you be killstreaking in nothing flat (and woe to you if your on the wrong end of those cross hairs). The killstreaks and perks are here, like I said before, but some of them are nerfed and not as useful as they used/should to be. I have more examples but the only other one I’m going to bring up it the most annoying of the problems. Like previous games unlocking things in multiplayer requires doing challenges (kill ‘x’ with ‘y’ 125 times), and they return here, but unlike previous games where the challenges were automatically counted every time you fulfilled the requirement. In Ghosts you have to manually select the challenges and have them active to order to complete them and get the rewards – which is stupid. Seriously I don’t know how many hours I’ve wasted trying to unlock things for my soldier just to find out that the challenges I was doing weren’t manually active and thus all that work wasn’t registered… Bah! With all this commentary I still haven’t answered the question: how does it fare? After untold hours of playing the different modes, trying different weapons, and fine tuning my loadouts I’ve come to the decision that’s… It’s alright. Even after my cripes and clearly not being the same kind of fun as the past games (for one reason or another) the multiplayer in Ghosts does the job and can be fun once you get going. My advice: start playing on your own in squads so you can earn unlock medals without having to deal with grievers and spazes. Once you have the medals you can get your choice of goodies and start creating your loadouts sooner. Call of Duty: Ghosts is not a flawless solider and is a little green, but I’ve played far worst shooters out there. Give it a red box rental, if nothing else you’ll kill a couple of hours (among other players online).