Armada’s E3 picks: Civilization – Beyond Earth (10/24/2014)


You know people I’ll be console monkey til I die, one of the reasons is that my computer back in the day wasn’t powerful enough to play most PC games. However there were two PC games from my childhood that I did have the good fortune to play: Age of Empires & Civilizations. Well all I’m glad to report that a new Civilizations’ game will be out this fall. Titled Civilization – Beyond Earth it feature man ultimate next step in our development: space. Like most Civilization games you are defacto leader of a civilization, it is up to you to lead and build your people to prominence. However being in the final frontier there are a few new challenges players will have to face this time; aliens, space age technology, rival colonies with different agendas, even quests. Beyond Earth will provide that long term gamer with plenty of hours of things to see, do, and conquer for October – let’s just hope there won’t be any Sim Cityese (2013) problems at launch. I think PC player rage is finally starting to die down over that one, no need for history to repeat itself here.