Game Preview: Wildstar Week Pt.3 – Paths


You remember people last week how I was talking about how engineering was job and not a class in most MMOs? Well feel that I need to clarify what I meant by ‘job’. See in MMOs players don’t just fight evil (or good depending on you faction) but they can also choose a job to learn. The benafit from a job is that, depending on the job mind you, players can get customized, speciallized, and/or unqiue item, weapons, and gear. Jobs usually involves alot of gathering ‘resoruces’ and learning new ‘recipes’ from vendors and the like. The job system in itself is not bad but it involves alot of busy work (some of which is not fun); even swtor, who had the most streamlined job system in my opinion, still had those familiar pitfall of jobs. Now I said all of that to say that Wildstar is atempting to change the job system; they don’t even all it ‘jobs’ they call them ‘Paths’. There’s only four (Settler, Scientist, Explorer, and Soldier) but with each path you can do so much and they aren’t limited to class or race either. From what I’ve seen people I’m very excited and impressed, I want to try them all. Get in the know and watch these vids.





Trailer-rama – GI JOE 2: Retaliation


Now on a movie perspective GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra doesn’t get a lot of respect (though the hate has died down a bit thanks to Transformers: Dark of the Moon); I mean it had action, cool gear, lots of plot twists – and ninjas! But yet people look down on it as not realistic and cartoonish; given the source material – no freaken duh! Well in the sequel those fokes will get what they want: a more realistic, grittier GI Joe. Seriously the movie starts with the annihilation of most of the old team and Cobra takes over the country a la the Dark Knight Rises. This would indeed be depressing if not for the surviving members of GI Joe, which includes Bruce Willis (busy year for Die Hard), fighting back hard. Not only seeking vengeance, but routing out the shady conspirators once and for all. So yeah, I’ll miss the light-hearted nature of the first movie but going by the trailer alone the sequel will more than make up for it.




That’s Gamertainment – Meet the Pyro (finally!)


Well people after five years of humorous bloodshed, online chaos, and hats upon hats upon hats we FINALLY get the last ‘Meet the’ video from Valve: the Pyro. For the uninitiated I’m talking about Team Fortress 2, game that became a hit several times over and thanks to its dedicated fan base, humor, excellent gameplay, and unapologetic violence it’s going to be around for a very long time. However hands down the best thing about the title is its colorful characters, and I’m not just talking about their rendering. I’m not quite sure  how they made mercenaries and assassins who, at their core, do only one thing (fragging fools), and virtually have no back story in game – be such interesting characters. They show the complexities of these soldiers of fortune through an ingenious way, through quick interview videos (and why they’re doing it in that fashion is explained in their semiannual web comic). So to celebrate the greatness that is Team Fortress 2, Video Game Armada is not only posting the long waited ‘Meet the Pyro’ video but all the Meet the videos while we’re at it. No longer ‘cry some more’ people, we have come full circle at last – Enjoy!:



Meet the Heavy





Meet the Soldier





Meet the Engineer





Meet the Demoman





Meet the Scout





Meet the Sniper





Meet the Spy




Meet the Medic






And now… Meet the Pyro



Wow, just wow… Also I guess we’re not going to get an answer on the Pyro’s gender are we? No. Didn’t think so…