Let’s Review: Sony E3 2018 Press Conference

Oh Sony…












Aftermath: Spiderman Homecoming


And now our Aftermath Review of Spiderman Homecoming





Let’s Review: Spiderman Homecoming


Watching this movie renews my hope for world peace, after all if Sony and Marvel can work together to produce a great movie than anything’s possible!





Let’s Review: PlayStation Live from E3 2017 (Sony’s E3 Press Conference of 2017)


Sony has been on a tear in the console wars thanks to PlayStation exclusives. Will that advantage follow them to the E3 show floor? Click on to see my take on their PlayStation show case.





Movie Review – The Amazing Spiderman


A couple of things; this one a little long so grab a drink, also the audio’s a little spotty – sorry about that, finally this was recorded around July 7th so keep that in mind. Enjoy!




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