Games and Gear (of 2017): Splatoon 2


You know, when Splatoon 2 was announced some people thought Nintendo missed an opportunity for word play on the title itself. However that’s incorrect, I mean how would that work: ‘Spla-2’ or ‘Splatwo’ or ‘Splatwoon’ or ‘Splatwoon 2: electric boogaloo’. Nintendo does silly, but not stupid, and cramming a 2 in Splatoon somehow would be stupid. Now since that was addressed, on to the video.










Let’s Watch: Nintendo Switch Presentation (Part 2)



Here’s part two of our Let’s Watch: Nintendo Switch Presentation coverage, again sorry for the size of the video. With any good fortune I won’t have to reduce these videos down in the future.







Let’s Watch: Nintendo Switch Presentation (Part 1)



A new year, a new day, and a brand new console! Nintendo wanting to start the new year right, they hosted a press conference giving us all more insight into their latest console coming out March 3rd. So what did I think about it, click the video and find out. By the by sorry about the size of the actual video – hosting videos on YouTube can be hit or miss when it comes to Nintendo. Not that it will stop me, but still…

Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Splatoon Inkling)

Splatoon Inkling



Boy or Girl this one’s a lock for kids. Not to say adults couldn’t pull of the look, shoot mostly adults play the game, but there’s so few video game characters these days that would fit kids. All an inventive parent would need is a squid hat of some kind (which is EZ to find these days) and a super soaker (non filled of course) and BAM your done. Whether or not your kids want to go as an Inkling is another matter entirely. If they don’t then it will be your time to shine, just don’t get carrier away with accuracy. People don’t like trick or treaters that paint their houses with giant people sized rollers – don’t ask me how I know this.




This just in (Or not): More than meets the eye, Splatoon will represent robots in disguise.



So what does Nintendo’s Splatoon and Hasbro’s Transformers have in common, other than changing shape? They wage war against each other, although with Splatoon is all in good fun while with the Transformers not so much. Well on August 28 at 9 PM PDT the two worlds become one (sort of) in this month’s Splatfest. As per usual players sign up of for one side or another (Cat v Dog, Roller-coaster vs Watersides, Hot Dog vs Marshmallow were the past competitions), get a team shirt, and for a set amount of time you fight for the side you picked. If your side wins you get upgrade mats, if you don’t you at least get exp and money, so it always worth your time to join (fun too). However the fact that this time around you get to pick either the heroic Autobots or the villainous Decepticon to represent will make this the greatest Splatfest ever! Now people you know I always aim for the good guys – however for me I always liked the cons so what can I say but see you all on the field of splatter on the 28th. Decepticons forever!




There & Back again: Splatoon


Hey people! If you liked my Splatoon let’s play (and who didn’t), guess what – we’re going there & back again to see a little more awesome from this colorful shooting game.





Let’s Play: Splatoon


Violence in gaming is no strange sight; some of the most famous and successful games had a lot blood and gore in them. Well Nintendo, being Nintendo, created maybe the world first family friendly 3rd person shooter and has the nerve to be good: Splatoon. You still get to shoot up, frag, and call in airstrikes on enemies, but the only thing being spilled on the street is paint – that’s the point.