Let’s Discuss: Square Enix E3 2019 press conference

Who like nostalgic RPGs getting remasters. We do! And so does Square Enix, oh and they also making a new Avengers game – for some reason.





Let’s Playthrough: Deus Ex – Breach (Part 2)



Now you know I’m current investigating the mysterious death of a kid, but hey Shadow Child just challenged me to beat her time in a hack – can’t let that one slide! Yep… I got my prioritizes straight.  

Let’s Playthrough: Deus Ex – Mankind Divided (Part 3)



You know when we go to the book store we walk around, read a little, have a coffee; but when Adam Jensen goes to a book store he ends up fighting a bunch of Czech gangsters to protect his mad scientist friend and keeping them from discovering his underground laboratory. And that’s one reason why Deus Ex’s awesome.







Let’s Playthrough: Deus Ex – Breach (Part 1)



Hey all, do you like hacking? Well it’s hard; I mean you got to learn about how computers works, programing (I guess), and Math (Probably… Maybe)! Well thanks to our good friends at Deus Ex: Mankind Divided there is a better (and more fun) way.








Let’s Playthrough: Deus Ex – Mankind Divided (Part 2)



So yeah, got a little ring rust in the Deus Ex dance, but don’t worry. I’m going to do what all Let’s Players have done to be better in their videos – GIT GUD!!!! Also play through 90% of the game off camera then try again on camera, but mostly gitting gud.

Let’s Playthrough: Deus Ex – Mankind Divided (Part 1)




I’ve never asked for this… Wait, yes I did, hundred times a day and finally my dreams have come true! Deus Ex – Mankind Divided is finally out and I’m going to play through it all. So get ready people to dive into the all the cyborg on cyborg crime you can handle.

GET HYPED: Cloud Strife in Smash Bros.


Because Nintendo that’s why!

Armada’s E3 picks: Kingdom Hearts 3 (TBA)


So now that the Last Guardian has finally been announced and has a feasible release date of 2016; we need a new video game series that’s been around forever but refuses to have a release date on their 3rd game in the line. Oooo… Sorry Half Life 3, Kingdom Hearts 3 has you beat because they just released a new trailer at E3 this year. Still ‘Now in Development’ the game may not be out for a while, but the trailer has shown me that they’re still on the right track (at least graphically). I may not be able to remember the story by the time it finally comes out but I’ll still play it.





Armada’s E3 picks: New Nier (TBA)


Now when I watched the Square Enix E3 show and saw this trailer it impressed me enough to put it on the list. Not even realizing this was a previous game five years ago under the same name. A story of a father wanting to cure his daughter from a deadly disease, sets off into a decaying world full danger, mystery, androids, and talking, soul taking books. The original Nier didn’t set the world on fire but got more than a few fans, which is why it’s getting a new game now. However, as par of the course, there’s very little info about the new Nier: is it a sequel? Is it a prequel? Is it a remake? We won’t even know more about the game til this fall. Despite that though I’m still willing to give the game a change because those who like this game – really like this game. Also the trailer was really impressive, check it out yourself, it’s all we can do til more info becomes available. Stay tuned!





Armada’s E3 picks: Just Cause 3 (2015)


I miss Mercenaries, I really, really do. Even now I believe that the Mercenaries series of games were the sandbox titles ever made. GTA may have done it first (or at least modernized it), but Mercenaries, from characters to white knuckle action, has all of them beat. Now Just Cause 3 is trying to pick up where they left off with their open world combat title. Rico Rodriguez, main character and island dictator smasher of two games prior, is working on number 3 but this time it’s personal. When his family’s home, the island of Medici, has been taken over by the General Di Ravello it’s up to Rico to take it back. Bombs, guns, grappling hooks, parachutes, vehicles, and of course good old fashion dukes will help Rico in his quest of open world destruction and island liberation. The good news is that Just Cause 3 should be out this year, but the bad news is that Mercenaries will never come back… Sorry to be a downer but I really miss that game series, I really, really do.




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