Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Splatoon Inkling)

Splatoon Inkling



Boy or Girl this one’s a lock for kids. Not to say adults couldn’t pull of the look, shoot mostly adults play the game, but there’s so few video game characters these days that would fit kids. All an inventive parent would need is a squid hat of some kind (which is EZ to find these days) and a super soaker (non filled of course) and BAM your done. Whether or not your kids want to go as an Inkling is another matter entirely. If they don’t then it will be your time to shine, just don’t get carrier away with accuracy. People don’t like trick or treaters that paint their houses with giant people sized rollers – don’t ask me how I know this.




There & Back again: Splatoon


Hey people! If you liked my Splatoon let’s play (and who didn’t), guess what – we’re going there & back again to see a little more awesome from this colorful shooting game.





Let’s Play: Splatoon


Violence in gaming is no strange sight; some of the most famous and successful games had a lot blood and gore in them. Well Nintendo, being Nintendo, created maybe the world first family friendly 3rd person shooter and has the nerve to be good: Splatoon. You still get to shoot up, frag, and call in airstrikes on enemies, but the only thing being spilled on the street is paint – that’s the point.




Armada’s E3 picks: Splatoon (TBA)



Out of all the shooters I’ve ever played there only handful of them I’ll play again; Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, GoldenEye, etc. However shooters never really change the time tested ‘shoot a guy in the face – win the game’ mechanic. Leave it to Nintendo to reinvent the barrel of that gun. Splatoon is gang warfare and paintball all in one – with squids. Players sign on as a squid human hybrid who sprays down an area with their squad’s colors, unfortunately your enemies are doing the same thing. Whoever covers the area with the most of their color wins. Now that’s not to say you can’t attack your rivals, because you can, or use killstreak (or is that paintstreak now) weapons to dominate the level for a few seconds, because you can. Splatoon will be awesome because it’s a shooter for hardcore and causal alike; CoD heads will like it for take out enemy players an and getting special weapons causal game will just stick to painting everything they see and if they get a kill that’s just bonus – it’s win win people.