Movie Review: Star Trek – Beyond


You know people are focusing on the rivalry between Marvel and D.C. films lately, however compared to the sci-fi civil war of the Stars (Star Trek vs Star Wars) those two are rookies. Now both Stars movies will come out this year, Star Trek Beyond is first and Rouge One (A Star Wars joint) will be this year. So let’s see if Star Trek’s opening shot is a good one.









Movie Review – Star Trek: Into Darkness


Hi action and techno jargon abound, all that’s was missing is the Gagh.




This just in (Or not) – JJ Abrams is slated to direct Star Wars Episode 7


Well people you can relax, JJ Abrams is heading up the upcoming Star Wars movie. In case you all have forgotten JJ Abrams is the guy who had a hand in many successful works of fictions like Lost, the 2009 Star Trek, Fringe, and more. So fanboys don’t need to worry about Jar-Jars Binks like aliens, long arse political struggles, and emo Vader (seriously people it wasn’t that bad).  At most the only thing we got to worry about is overly convoluted plots and odd abrupt endings – which sorta sounds like the prequels actually… Never mind, I’m sure everything well be fine.


Stay tuned for more Star Wars news.




Trailer-rama: Star Trek – Into Darkness

Star Trek - Into Darkness


You know I was just thinking: where the heck is my 2009 Star Trek sequel, life is funny you know. I already got my Meta physical ticket; see you all May of next year in the theater.






This just in (Or not) – Star Trek Anniversary: a three year mission that lasted 46



So fokes I don’t have to tell you that today’s the Anniversary of the sci fi epic Star Trek when it first aired on September 8, 1966. How to I know you all know? Because you all went to Google and saw the animated Google sign, with the letters dressed up as the famed original cast, even down to the red skirt. Ah Star Trek; it was the definitive science fiction show on TV. It broke through many different barriers (whether intentionally or not), was a well written show that touched on multiple genres like drama, comedy, or even horror, spawned 3 spin offs, 1 prequel, and 10 ten different movies. There are entire conventions devoted to it, technology inspired by it, and its own home grown language (Klingon) has not only gain life in the real world but has its own online institute to teaching it. In short Star Trek is awesome and you should use this day to watch all things Treky on Netflix, and if you don’t have NetFlix then Live long and prosper.