Games & Gear of 2015 : Star Wars – Battlefront



Star Wars: Battlefront, also known as the good Battlefield game, is finally making the 3rd sequel everyone (including me) was waiting for. I still remember the joy I had leading the Confederacy of Independent Systems against the mutant clone army. My weapon of choice Droideka, of course; speed, suppressive fire power, portable shield, intimidation – the perfect class in my opinion. Sadly the droids lost that war in the prequels and gave rise to the more famous ‘Star Wars’ of the Rebels vs the Empire. And while those factions didn’t have the Droideka; they all had vehicles, turrets, and even ‘hero classes’ to use on the battlefield. It was a hoot and a half! Now with the new Force Awakens movie coming soon; this game will be perfectly timed to the Star Wars madness that’s soon to follow. The release date could be as early  as April or as late as this winter holiday, either way get ready to wage war in a galaxy far far this year.







Trailer-Rama: Star Wars – The Force Awakens


Who loves Star Wars?

Yes we do!

Who loves Star Wars?

I do too!


Yes people the first trailer of the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, was revealed days ago and already its making waves. Now people I know there’s a controversy but you all need to relax about it. I mean the droid in the trailer (mark 0:29) was of irregular shape and the ball body was not something people were expecting. However people its 2014 and it’s a new day; droids can be of any shape, size, color, so why not ball locomotion? We’re seen flying, wheels, and the trusty legs for our robotic pals; now is the time for new, now is the time for change, and for the detractors I’m afraid you’ll have to get use to it.






This just in (Or not) – Now some words from J.J. Abrams


The director of the latest Star Wars movie (Episode VII) J.J. Abrams decided to take a break from, well, directing of the latest Star Wars movie to promote the ‘Force for Change‘ charity which: ‘dedicated to finding creative solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems’. Also they are hosting a special contest of people who donate, that lucky person will get once in a life time moment to be in the next Star Wars movie. This is a very noble cause and a fantastic opportunity, but people the real story is the the bird handler, er, thing that went across the shot while Abrams was speaking. As you can see he was practical effects, not CGI, meaning all you ner- I mean hyper serious Star Wars fans know that J.J. Abrams have heard your bleats and will be using them in the next movie. Yay! Victory for the fans at last!  Down with CGI and there ability to make  awesome looking movies people still enjoy in animated films but mixed in other movies is a no-no for some reason. Seriously though donate to Force for Change and try your luck silver screen immortality.




Character Quotes – Seth Green & George Lucas

Seth Green & George Lucas plus writer Kevin Shinick who doesn't have a quote with Seth Green & George Lucas today. Maybe next time.

Seth Green & George Lucas plus writer Kevin Shinick who doesn’t have a quote with Seth Green & George Lucas today. Maybe next time.



As much as I hate prequels in general, not only did I like the Star Wars prequels (Episode I, II & III), but I thought they were necessary to the Star Wars mythos. They weren’t as good as the original trilogy but very few prequels are better than the original. Yet people (fans over the age of 20 mainly) still proclaim that the SW prequels (and George Lucas by extension) are the worst things to happen to fiction, even now after 14 years. Why? For many reasons, but the main one is Jar-Jar Binks: a silly, stupid alien that is comic relief and nothing more. However talk to the more jaded of Star Wars enthusiast and Jar-Jar is the beast in CG form. It is this collective hate people have with the prequels and Jar-Jar that made me select this collective quote from Seth Green & George Lucas. Remember that ‘Stars Wars’ post about how Seth Green wanted to be in the next Star Wars movie in an esquire interview. Well if you read that interview then you already know what’s coming up, but if you didn’t the following words should put things in perspective:



Seth Green: I had a conversation with him once about Jar Jar, and why Jar Jar wasn’t funny. He said, “How old were you when you saw Star Wars?” I was four. He said, “Did you like C-3PO?” I said, “I loved C-3PO. He was probably my favorite character.”


Esquire: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve heard this argument before.


Seth Green: Well, wait, he makes a good point. He said, “Remember in Empire Strikes Back, when C-3PO is complaining, and Han Solo is like, ‘Shut that guy off,’ and they turn him off?” I said, “Yeah, I was horrified.” He said, “Remember when that happened, everybody over 20 in the audience cheered?” And I said, “Yes, and I thought that was horrible. What’s wrong with those people?”


Esquire: Huh.


Seth Green: You see what he means?


Esquire: I guess you’re right. I’m suddenly getting flashbacks from the ’80s, of adults complaining about how much they hated C-3PO.


Seth Green: So George said to me, “How old were you when you saw Episode I?” I was 26. And he goes, “And you just haaaaaaaated Jar Jar, didn’t you? Talk to your five-year-old nephew.” And you know what? I did. I talked to my brother-in-law, actually, who’s 21 now. He was just at that sweet-spot age when Episode I came out. And he loves Jar Jar. That’s where George is brilliant. He does things that are crowd-pleasers. He’s a crowd-pleaser.


This just in (Or not) – LucasArts is put on the bus



First THQ, then Junction Point, now LucasArts, what the heck man, what the heck… See a few days ago Game Informer broke the story on how, the now Disney owned, LucasFilm made the decision to close down their game studio LucasArts and focus on licencing due to:


“minimizing the company’s risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games”


Now I’ll be honest people I do not recall the last time LucasArts made a game that wasn’t Star Wars centered and/or really got people excited to play. That being said when they do a game that works, it works (Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, Sam & Max, Monkey Island, 48% of their Star Wars games, etc); so having this interactive entertainment company being shut down really sucks. I also find it interesting that it’s Disney once again killing these companies. Look Disney – I’ve nothing against you, I like your movies, watch some of your TV shows, and generally don’t listen to the rumors about you. But stop messing up my video games would you please, because if there’s one IP out there who has way fewer title hits than LucasArts, is yours.



Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. It was like GTA with awesome and LucasArts made this… Sometimes life’s just not fair.

This just in (Or not) – Han Solo is slated to appear in Episode VII

Han Solo


That’s right, the original cocky, super smuggler is coming back for Episode VII: Han Solo. The legendary Harrison Ford character showed a different kind of hero for people to look up to; ones that lies, cheats, smuggles, and  always shoots first. But under that underworld shell beats the heart of noble gunslinger who risk his freedom and life to help people he didn’t know and a fight a war that was a hopeless cause in the eyes of any other criminal. He even got a princess in the end (the princess of a destroyed planet but still) so yeah Han’s awesome. What role will he play, only J.J. knows, but I’ll say this more and more people want in Ep.7 – stay tune for more info.




This just in (Or not) – JJ Abrams is slated to direct Star Wars Episode 7


Well people you can relax, JJ Abrams is heading up the upcoming Star Wars movie. In case you all have forgotten JJ Abrams is the guy who had a hand in many successful works of fictions like Lost, the 2009 Star Trek, Fringe, and more. So fanboys don’t need to worry about Jar-Jars Binks like aliens, long arse political struggles, and emo Vader (seriously people it wasn’t that bad).  At most the only thing we got to worry about is overly convoluted plots and odd abrupt endings – which sorta sounds like the prequels actually… Never mind, I’m sure everything well be fine.


Stay tuned for more Star Wars news.