Games & Gear of 2014 – Titanfall (3/11/2014)



Now people, you ask any gamer on the street what two games will be the landmark titles that will define the new year and most likely your get Destiny and Titanfall as the answer. Sure they’re FPSes but their take on the genre makes a lot of players (like myself) excited. Titanfall, for example, is an online only game; however it features a single player story. How does that work? By adding elements like NPCs and plot based objectives into its matches. Another plus is that this game is a fantastic hybrid of mech and sci-fi shooter; meaning that normal shooting parts and mech piloting stuff, is all well-balanced and not lacking. Mech Assault 2 and Starhawk tried this, but once someone got in a mech it was over for the non-mech players; in Titanfall having a mech is an advantage but is not a killer app (or I hope not). Finally this title is headed up by Respawn Entertainment, the same talented crew who created the good Call of Duty games, and if we all know one thing the good CoD games excel at is frantic, awesome, balls to the wall combat glory. Pedigree + potential = win; pick this game up on March 11th.






Mini Game Review – StarHawk


Why, StarHawk, why? You were one of my top picks for ‘the’ games of the 2012; but after everything was said, done, and played I had enough content for a Mini Game Review (please note that Mini Game Reviews aren’t in themselves bad, but just smaller than my regular review – usually due to minimal content on the games themselves (and for StarHawk that’s not a good sign)). Well let’s get this over with.



Now for those who don’t know StarHawk is the spiritual successor to WarHawk a semi-large multiplayer first person shooter. So the story in this game has nothing to do with the first game (which had no story – more on that later). Players take on the role of Emmett Graves; and combination Wild West mercenary and outer space oil rigger. He drives off bandits and the like from trying to steal an omnipotent source of energy called Rift which people need to practically anything in the game. Of course it has the habit of turning people into glowing mutant freaks but I’m sure that will never be addressed in the game. Anyway, Graves’ next mission is on a planet called Dust where a town called White Sands needs protection from new form of raider call Outcasts. Organized and deadly they pose a direct threat to the town and strange enough, have a connection to Rift Energy.  So it’s up to Graves to defeat the Outcasts, discover they’re secrets, and confront this own past on the planet called Dust.



StarHawk is a 3rd person shooter with an interesting concept: weapons, vehicles and even building on demand. Allow me to explain: whether in single or multiplayer – your objectives are killing enemies and gathering rift energy (by killing enemies and destroying stuff). With the rift energy players can summon building and installations that range from attacking, defense and support to even spawning weapons, vehicles and even other players. Dropping buildings on your enemies (mancaking they call it) is a very popular technique, but difficult one to master. With an arsenal at ones finger tips it’s easy for coordinated teams of players to litter the battlefield with war machines and provide interesting online matches. However…







I’ll be honest people, the single player was the best part of the game; it wasn’t an impressive story (as about as formulaic as you can get) but the action in the game was well balanced. The multiplayer however is either pure uncontrolled chaos or a lesson in spawn camp & spanking. Chances are new players will show up while a match is already going on: if they’re on a team that’s winning then they have nothing to do nor can they build anything because the ‘build limit’ had been reached – if they’re on a team that’s losing then no matter what they do it will only end up fragged because a well-organized team can keep you bottled up for the whole match especially when players can build spawn points anywhere on the map. There are different modes of course, but like I said before the two main things you have to do to make headway is killing enemies and gathering rift energy and without the ability to do one it’s very difficult to do the other. Not that the game is broken or unbalanced (well it’s a little unbalanced) to the point unplayability, but you’ll have a lot of frustrated nights trying to master this title and I, for one, simply don’t have the time. My recommendation? Rent it or wait for Dust 514 to do this whole massive multiplayer online first/third person shooter right (hopefully).




Games & Gear of 2012 Reloaded – Starhawk (5/8/12)


After my near embarrassment of going to war with the developers of Skullgirls for not releasing the game to the general public before holding tournaments on the said game (a long story – and a joke people, a joke); I realized it’s time to address the rest of my ‘Games & Gear of 2012 Reloaded’ listed games. Now that spring is here and summer is sure to follow the latest high end games have not only updated websites but release dates as well – such as Starhawk. As an E3 pick of ours you all probably know all the basics already: a pseudo sequel to WarHawk, set in a future where ‘Rift Energy’ is the new euro, players uses said energy to airdrop everything from building to vehicles to wage war against the enemy, and like the first game it can played online with up to 32 players. That’s pretty much it, nothing new has been added (other than split screen – still) but after their public beta the buzz has been very good and those same players are chopping at the bit to play it again. Well no worries mates, the game will be available to all in less than a month’s time.






Games & Gear of 2012 – Starhawk



Back when the PS3 first showed up people thought the system was an overpriced, oversized, slab of future tech that was only good for playing Blu ray movies since their 1st party games were underwhelming. These days the PS3 is affordable and the games are much better; Starhawk is proof of this. A pseudo sequel to Warhawk, Starhawk is based in space, where players take the role of  Emmett Graves a part time ‘Rift Energy’ prospector full time action hero. He returns to a dangerous, lawless planet to settle a score with an outlaw faction. Sounds familiar right, well here’s where things get different; as a prospector of Rift Energy he can collect it all over the planet and use it to build weapons, vehicles, and even entire bases with the help of orbiting drop ships. Graves becomes a literal one man army on his path to vengeance and an unending source of fun for the rest of us. Add to the fact that this game (like its predecessor) has a massive 32 player online mode and tons of game types that come with it, and you suddenly realize there is not enough hours in the day to enjoy this game property – and that makes you a little sad (or is that just me).




Armada’s E3 picks – Starhawk


Well I did it again, I missed the E3 pick yesterday, but I have an reason – *ahem* I was wrong. See after my comments on the meet the medic post addressing how playing the PC version of Team Fortress 2 was pointless. Well quite a few of you were ‘vocal’ about it, many said just to use a keyboard and mouse, but a few said I can use my xbox controller to play the game. So with a little luck and research I was able to enable full controller functionally. Yeah baby… So for the past couple of days I’ve been zoning out on TF2 on the PC, teaching newb and vet both what time it really is – it’s like meeting an old friend for the firs time. Anyhow back to the pick: it’s StarHawk.


Now I’ve never played the first game in the series, Warhawk, but many tell me it similar to Star Wars: Battlefield mixed with a little Crimson Skies. It was definitely one of Sony’s earliest successes on their just released PS3 at the time; now in 2011 more people have PS3s in their homes and a sequel is just right for the announcing. Starhawk will have noticeable improvements like actual story (being the first game was mainly multiplayer), a dynamic sci fi setting, the ability to drop building, vehicles, and reinforcement from orbiting ships, and of course larger multiplayer fun. Still no release date on this, but I can wait on a game that will allow me to use transforming battle mechs any time I want.





Note: Sorry people no clue today because there isn’t going to be a pick tomorrow – and no not just to play more team fortress (although I will be doing that too). True Backlash’s birthday will be tomorrow so I decided to take a break and show him a proper good time.