Character Quote (Black History Edition) – Elena

“This is my best dance, performed especially for you!”


Alrighty, my next gaming character of color is Elena from the Street Fighter III series. Now black people in fighting games are generally boxers, sports fighters (see ‘I Know Madden Kombat’) or very, very angry. Elena breaks all those stereotypes and still manages to be an effective fighter; she’s the cheery princess of an African tribe and uses the Capoeira fighting style to strike fast and hard with dance-like moves and fancy legwork. I’ve never used her before but I’ve seen her in action, a few quick combos and a strong enough finisher and that’s game. Or as one of the first fighters’ in history to use healing, a smart player can just outlast their opponents by playing defensely. And finally being one of the first black women fighters in a fighting game, Elena proves that sisters can do it for themselves.

A moment of game reflection

Recently a reader sent me a picture he found on the net that was so awesome I had to create a new segment called: “A moment of game reflection” where I put video game artwork or a screen shot on VGA and reflect on it’s awesomeness. After all even video gamers must take time off of their consoles of choice to enjoy life… and reflect on video games. Today is this:


Now for those who know me, I’m a big Dudley fan so when I saw this – it was nirvana. The only thing missing was his quote (You have no dignity), which I promptly added. Even without it though this is good work; kudos to mikenart the talented, Toronto artist who made this work. You can find more of his artistry at the deviant art links above or at his blog here.