Gameroween 2013 – Video Game Characters that make awesome costumes (Akuma))



Akuma is should be self-explanatory on why he made the list, but if not here’s some bullet points:


  • He also know as the “Great Demon”, “Great Devil” or “Great Ogre”
  • The Satsui no Hado  or “Surge of Murderous Intent” is the energy he wields
  • Gouken is his Brother and is the teacher of both Ken & Ryu
  • Fights with an intense martial art that was designed to kill people
  • His strongest move is called Raging Demon or “Instant Hell Murder” which not only kills a opponent (most times instantly) but destroys their soul
  • May or may not be possessed by a demon
  • Like to be called “denizen of hell” and “evil incarnate”
  • Looks like that

Akuma, scary MF’er who can you can beat you down, crush your soul, and perfect video game Halloween costume choice.



For more Akuma related matereial please watch this


Game Gifts of 2012 – Street Fighter X Mega Man



Ok, now this one Game Gift is a bit of a cheat as I’ve never played it before – however I have a good feeling it will do just fine: Street Fighter X Mega Man. To coincide with the upcoming 25th anniversary of everyone’s favorite Blue Bomber, Capcom and a rather inventive gentleman by the name of Seow Zong Hui is bring to the masses this new adventure. Yes this is real thing, and unlike that Streets of Rage Remake, this pie in the sky platformer has Capcom’s full blessing so there won’t be any big corporate buzz kill this time. Set still in the future, I guess, Mega Man finally locks down Wily and his robot masters. However a robots work is never done as now the world strongest Street Fighters want to their mettle on his metal. And that’s pretty much it: MegaMan goes to a Street Fighter’s stage, fights their minions (didn’t know they had minions), and if he survives challenge them in a 1-on-1 brawl. Now you’re probably thinking this concept isn’t new (the Capcom vs series, most of them anyway); but this time around MegaMan has the homefield advantage as everything is in glorious 8-bit nostalgia and subjected to MegaMan reality. Even to the point where once MegaMan defeats them he gets their power, freaken sweet. The best thing of all people, its free 100%. Sure it’s only available on the PC but that’s a small price to pay for the most epic non-rap battle in history, and thus a perfect gift for Christmas. The download will be available at Capcom Unity on December 17th.






You didn’t hear this from me, but! – Evil Ryu and Devil Kazuya may be coming to Street Fighter X Tekken… for free.


According to an unconfirmed source  received by, Capcom is intending to release the $20 character pack for the PlayStation 3 and X-Box 360 versions of Street Fighter X Tekken a month early to coincide with the release of the games PlayStation Vita release. The pack already contains Street Fighters, Cody, Guy, Blanka, Sakura, Elena and Dudley as well as Tekken characters, Lei, Christie, Lars, Alisa, Bryan and a Jack series robot (dubbed Jack-X). As an apology to fans who opposed their DLC decisions, rumor is that Evil Ryu and Devil Kazuya will also be added to the pack with no extra charge. Other things mentioned in the article includes PS3 exclusive characters, Mega Man and Pac-Man being released in July (in part due to them being on the X-Box disc anyway), several proposed balancing and glitch fixes, other new DLC including gems and costumes and the name of the alleged new Darkstalkers game, Darkstalkers 4: Vampire Resurrection.



Characters of Color – Dee Jay


Once again its February people and for those who aren’t in the throes of passion, its Black History Month. For the Armada that means a whole month of us highlighting the great black characters in games and animation. We start with everyone’s favorite smiling street fighter: Dee Jay. Hailing from the islanded paradise of Jamaica; Dee Jay is an extremely skilled kickboxer who not only defeated Adon and Sagat during his tournament runs, and fended off a Psycho Driven M.Bison, but managed to get a sweet record deal and became a musical pop star. DJ is also great because he was the only American made character for the Street Fighter series. Add to the fact that he has the most versatile fighting style for charge characters in the series what do you got: a pretty awesome character of color who will beat you down and smile while doing it.






Balrog: Behind the Glory


What makes a character turn to villainy; is it unfortunately circumstances from childhood, a mistake that slopes into greater mal factors, or are they just born ‘bad’? The brave documenters at chubby boy films take an in depth look on Shadowloo’s roughneck, power house enforcer: Balrog. Once a small boy with bad hair, he raises from the boxing ring to the leader of the world’s most dangerous organization. It is griping tale that will never let me see Balrog the same way again.



Translation please – Can foreign games be fun again?


I’m glad to say I’ve been playing games for about 20+ years. I remember my past fondly and without a shadow of a doubt I’ve been blessed. Well among other reasons, I believe this is so because I’ve lived during the golden age of gaming (the 90’s if you don’t know) and played great games that more than a few came from the land of the rising sun; Japan. Konami, Capcom and (at the time) Squaresoft were a few of my favorite developers. However being that this is 2008 things (and games) are not as they once were, in fact the games I’ve been playing from them and many others have been less than memorable – worst than that, they been down right boring. See my gripe stems from their games; how they once were and how they are now. Their combined games such as, but not limited to: Ganbare Goemon a.k.a. Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Suikoden, Breath of Fire, Street Fighter (the game that put fighting games on the map), Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Saga Frontier, Strider and Chrono Trigger (a personal favorite) were a unique series of games that were entertaining, fun, brilliant precursors to the games we now enjoy. Now in 2008 most of these over the sea favorites don’t even exist anymore. What’s more, newer entries such as “Lost Odyssey” follow a set a pattern of play that been around since the 90’s (hero is small in a small village, fights a big, bad evil and wins with the power of love/friendship/ancient relic/etc.) which seems is dated in our time. Think about all the great games that are made by state side developers; Ratchet & Clank, Burnout, and the Orange Box. All good, well-thought games that don’t ride the achievements of their past, they keep improving their series making them even better (GTA anyone). The foreign games seem to keep using the same character archetypes, same story board progressions, same types of quests, same everything just in different titles (What the difference between Resident Evil and Dead Rising or Final Fantasy 7 , 8, 9, 10 and 12 at its core? Nothing, but a few details …).

Ok so I’ll admit foreign developers do try, Okami and Viewtiful Joe are par excellent. Mario has been around longer than most and still remains the figure head king of games in the eyes of many. The red, white and blue one may had few failures but always bounced back because Shigeru Miyamoto and crew learned from all aspect of the past to create something truly ‘Mario’. It’s this lesion that I want more foreign developers to learn; not create the same old thing in the same old formula but to try something new a unexpected, even if it’s not well received. The thing is, if they keep doing what their doing; what they’ll get is Mega Man. A cash cow that has crapped out…

Gaming Confidence

Ladies and Gentlemen, a question if you will. Have you ever lost your gaming confidence? Thought one day, you’re not as good as you once was? It’s happens to us all one way or another, myself included. I’ve always been very good with video games; and always took pride in that. Back in the day, my neighborhood didn’t have strong gaming community so I never have many people to play with. So when one of my best friends wanted to learn how to play Street Fighter, I was quite happy. For that summer I taught him everything I knew about the game and then some; he caught on quickly and before long we were having the memorable matches I always wanted. As time went by I progressed to newer games while all my other older games were left to get dusty; I mean what did I care, I beat them after all. And every so often when my friend came over we played the latest fighter and have close back and forth matches like we had for years. However recently when I and my friend played Alpha 3 or Street Fighter vs. SNK would be on the losing side of our battles. As they when on it would get so bad that no matter what tactic I would use, or move I would make I would lose like a first timer. Sure I would win by lucky break once in a while, but it annoyed the hell out of me that I could only win 1 out of 50. I was P.O.’ed for weeks, and as those losses started to add up I was starting to question my skills so I asked my brother. He told me that the only reason why my friend was beating me in classical fighters is that those are the games he plays the most. He also added that I so many play other games that I don’t play like Street Fighter anymore so I don’t keep my game up. He was right. The next time he was over we played a few shooters and Smash Brothers; it was him who got his ass handed to him that day. So much so that he begged to play a Street Fighter game. Hey, even greatness needs a shot of ego every in a once in a while. My friend these days is now in Cali making his way in the world, but we still keep in touch. Anyway, I love to win, but losing so much to one of my best friends almost killed my love for the game. My advice to those in that situation, and don’t have a brother as smart as mine, don’t freak, it’s only a game. Losing to others, and the game itself, is part the experience. Try different games and find something new. Or for something really radical, take a break, there’s more to life than games (and yes, I just said that). I myself enjoy a little history on my down time, just not competitively.