The Jedi Council’s 9 Dumbest Decisions


Remember how I defend Hayden Christensen’s portrayal of Anakin Skywalker, and no I didn’t change my mind. Anakin ended up the way he did due to bad luck and stupidity, but the Jedi own a lot to his failure. As noble as the Guardians of the Galaxy (not the Marvel guys) are they make too many mistakes and Anakin is involved with a lot of those. Fortunately IGN did a video of some of their bigger ones between the six movies; while some are nitpicks others are legit. If the Jedi are going to build a new republic they need to avoid a lot of these mistakes.






WTF/FTLOZ – The Harlem Shake


OK people when I first commended on Gangnam Style (never mind the pirate speak, it was talk-like-a-pirate day) I thought it was a quirky, wacky, music video that I just didn’t get (though it grew on me over time). However at least is was entertaining, at least PSY was talented, and least the Gangnam Style video was made with actually effort. The Harlem Shake, a beyond inane ‘dance’ with ‘music’, is the anti-Gangnam Style. I’m serious, it’s possible the worst thing I’ve seen (creatively) on YouTube. It is so bad I’ve had to create a new segment called WTF/FTLOZ, or What the Freak / For the Love of Zod, whose purpose is to highlight the very worst of the net – and the Harlem Shake is the inaugural subject because it’s just awful… But the scary thing is people its spreading, not only is it gaining popularity on the YouTube but people are starting to create off shoots ( a few examples below)- why, WHY! Please people stop the madness for the Love of Zod, go back and watch Gangnam Style, watch Epic Rap Battle, heck even watch the Annoying Orange Show, anything, but don’t watch or support The Harlem Shake – it is evil.




Now ‘this’ one, I like.

Gameroween 2012 *Special* – WTF/FTW Characters that make awful costumes (Day 6)

No… Just. no.


Well people we got something special for today; a non-game character costume choice. See I know Gameroween is all about games and Halloween, but what I just saw gave me no choice but to suggest it outside the rules of the event: Pumpkin-Headed Turkey Claus. Now there is a website called ‘RetailMeNot’ where they deal with coupons for many different department stores and services. Since the holidays are coming up someone at RetailMeNot had the bright idea to ‘invent’ a name for the 3 month holiday season: ‘OctoNovemCember’. Then they must of thought they needed a mascot for their new creation and thus Pumpkin-Headed Turkey Claus was born. He is, and a quote:


the King of OctoNovemCember, that magical shopping season when the great deals from one-day-only holiday sales are available every day. He embodies all that is good about the holidays, from the pleasant glow of a jack-o-lantern to the comforting warmth of a Thanksgiving turkey to the gift-giving spirit of old St. Nick. Pumpkin-Headed Turkey Claus is a savvy, sociable being who’s dedicated to making sure that shoppers around the world save as much as possible on holiday gifts and more.”


And that’s all I can say because how can I follow up with that statement. The costume itself is as Hodge Podge as what it represents; the only reason I suggest this costume is because it is not only the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard but in general the worst idea ever. It is so bad and slapped together so quickly that it ‘must’ be worn this year. Why? To show the world that no matter what anyone else wears this year it had more effort and care put into it than Pumpkin-Headed Turkey Claus. The only down side is someone has to wear it to make that point – and it won’t be me.