Characters of Color: Austin “Impresario” Sullivan



The Awesomes is an awesome show about misfit superheroes who try to save the world from aliens, living garbage, cute – but dangerous – bipedal animals, and other malefactors. Yes, I know its been done before but the Awesomes done it funnier (after all half the cast is voiced by SNL alums) and they done it without going to the traditional route of TV but rather on Hulu. I like all the cast of the Awesomes but seeing how this is still the Characters of Color month we’re talking about  Austin “Impresario” Sullivan today. Impresario is a class ‘A’ mama’s boy (not that there’s anything wrong with that)  who also has the ability to create hard light constructs out of thin air. Sadly though they all have some sorta likeness of his mother, however a fire breathing dragon with the face of a 57 year old woman is still a fire breathing dragon. Other than that though Impresario is a well-balanced, strategic, team player who brings his own style to the Awesomes. While this character of color is still a noob compared to the others listed here in previous years, the Awesomes just got renewed for a 2nd season; which means Impresario and all his qualities and quirks can grow with his character. Before long he’ll be beside legends like Mr T & War Machine – its possible! Remember, Mr. T is quite the mother’s boy himself, just don’t say that to his face.