Gameroween 2013 – Video Game Characters that make awesome costumes (Wonderful Red)



Wonderful Red is a relative new comer in the video game arena, as well as his game Wonderful 101, but that fact doesn’t make him (or it) any less awesome. Like your standard super sentai Red is just a ordinary person, but thanks to a object of power and shouting his code phrase (Wonderize Red!) he becomes a super hero with enhanced strength, speed and is almost invincible. However his greatest power is to ‘unite up’ with other Wonderful ones to form different weapons and objects to combat evil (a la Green Lantern). Which is pretty original and awesome (my two favorite descriptors), imagine you’re a minion and you’re attacking a bunch of Technicolor nerds and you think ‘Yeah, I’ve this!’, then they combine into a giant fist or bazooka and mess you up royal – like I said pretty original and awesome. As for Halloween a lot of people may not know who you are if you choose this costume, but a lot of pretty didn’t know Kratos or Master Chief not to long and now there legends. Plus I wouldn’t over think this, after all Halloween is about looking awesome and getting  candy and you will do both with this choice.





Characters of Color – Zack (Taylor) the Black Ranger



Ah yeah people, I’m taking you back to the 90’s where cartoons were good, catch phrases were plentiful, and Clinton was still in office – good times indeed. The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers took the world by storm because of the action, giant robots, and classic good v. evil stories. Well hands down the coolest, hippest, most dynamic of the original rangers is Zack Taylor a.k.a. the Black Ranger. A very enthusiastic, upbeat person; Zack was the soul of the team. Using his positivity and good humor he keeps the sprits of the other rangers high as they wage war against the evil space witch Rita Repulsa. However don’t underestimate him, as Zack is quite the accomplished martial artist. Quick and agile, he can strike opponents and almost at the same time avoids reprisals with his developed fighting style: Hip Hop Kido. Zack’s signature weapon, the power axe, gives him added power in his attacks and even wield the legendary Dragon Shield, and that doesn’t happen often power. Finally when the chips are down he can call forth the mighty Mastodon Dinozord to freeze or crush his enemies no matter the size. There have been many future rangers to wield the color, but there is only one Zack the Black Ranger.