Gift Guide for Great Gamers: Super Smash Bros.


Know someone who’s getting a Wii U this year? Buy this game (and a spare controller in fact) give it to them, then start playing with them. Repeat as necessary for full Christmas enjoyment. You’re welcome.





AFK – brb



Well people, thanks to the craziness of Thanksgiving, the coming of Black Friday, and both True Backlash & Blu going on vacation (without me no less *sniff*) I’m going to take this week off. Now I know you think it’s really because of Dragon Age Inquisition, but your wrong, its because of Dragon Age Inquisition AND Super Smash Bros for Wii U! Sorry people I’m weak in that way. Don’t worry though; next week I’ll make up for it in spades. Till then: Have a great Thanksgiving people!