Let’s Play – Super Smash Bros (pt.2)

And now the conclusion of our Super Smash Bros. let’s play; will we ever get to single player, will we get better at online multiplayer, will True Backlash get destroyed by my man-eating Amiibo?

If you said yes to all three then you win the prize – watching this video, enjoy!

Let’s Play – Super Smash Bros (pt.1)


Well fokes, we are absolutely the very last people to do a Let’s Play about Super Smash bros for the Wii U…

Better late than never, enjoy!




Super Smash Bros is live!



Well people if there’s one game that will make me stop playing Dragon Age Inquisition, albeit briefly, it is this: Finally… Super Smash Brothers, have come back to home consoles! Yes, watch the most iconic figures in video games beat themselves senseless for fun, for glory, for our amusement, for the last piece of pizza, for anything. For the people who bought the 3DS version of this game not only do you get all your hard work put toward the Wii U version, but you’ll also have first dibs access to Mewtwo once he shows himself. That’s right the genetic super psychic is coming and you definitely want him on your team. So do you have what it takes to send DK flying, go toe to toe with Mario, out gun Samus; then prove it – settle it in Smash!




Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (The rest of the Smash cast)



Well people Halloween is here already and despite my best efforts (thanks to poor planing) I couldn’t showcase all of this years Smash contestants for costume choices. However since the 3DS version of the game been out for a while now not only have you all played it, but I’m sure you all have chosen your favorites for the upcoming home console release. Well hype up your favorite character by going as them for Halloween: show your Dedede pride, tell people why Greninja is great, make the Pikmin your pick, etc. Whosoever your favorite wear it on your sleeve, your head, and your toes because on November 21 words will mean nothing and the true Super Smash Bros will begin. Today though we get fat with candy – Happy Halloween!




Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (PAC-MAN – Again)



Before Yoshi and Kirby there was the original hungry hero, eater expert, consumer commando: PAC-MAN. This one was the real surprise of this year’s Smash and believe me, this pill popper can throw down. Using familiar PAC icons like the ghosts, power pellets, and fruits; PAC-MAN keeps the other fighters on their toes with glorious 80’s 8-bit tactics. As for how to go as this plucky puck for Halloween fortunately this was also a Gameroween pick in the past that all Armada viewers can go back to anytime. Come on, PAC-MAN is the perfect choice for you candy lovers out there; you can say you’re staying in character when the bowl of choice goodies get gobbled.




Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Mega Man)

Mega Man


Now, depending on who you talk to, Mega Man is a character that many believe was abandon by Capcom. While I don’t personally believe it, there are alot of examples that would make a die hard blue bomber fan see it that way. Even Mega Man’s co-creator Keiji Inafune (Dr.Light, out of canon, as it were) is creating a game called Mighty 9 where its hero is very similar Mega Man himself – yet Capcom is oddly quiet about it (well as far as I know). Anyway I say Capcom still cares otherwise they wouldn’t let this living dynamo fight in smash this year. And for you purists out there, worry not, they ‘got’ Mega Man right in Smash; he’s fighting like they ripped him out of his 8-bit games. Now as to dress like the main mega man I got one word for you: blue – and lots of it! It’s even OK if you don’t have a mega buster (although bonus points if got one ready to go) but you’ll need a helmet otherwise people will think you’re part of the blue man group – unless that’s what you’re going for then never mind.




Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Little Mac)

little Mac


He could’ve been a champ, he could’ve been a contender! Well technically he was a contender & a champ but only with the aid of a player’s skills. Little Mac, despite his small size, had one mean Star Punch that could send even Mike Tyson into Dreamland. Thanks to the 2009 remake Little Mac is making a comeback, and he even got invited to greatest fight tournament in history (sorry Budokai Tenkaichi). A boxer for a costume make seem a little unimpressive, but like Little Mac himself proved: it ain’t size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Meaning a costume is only as good as person wearing it; show some razzle-dazzle, some quick foot work, charge that super meter, and if all else fails pull out the pink track suit – the ladies luv the track suit.