Let’s Watch – The 2014 Superbowl Commericals


We laughed, we cried, but mostly was bored with the showings this year. Fortunately there were a few diamonds in the rough otherwise it would’ve been a wash; as for the game, well, all I got to say is that this is what happens when the Steelers don’t play the Superbowl.




Commercialbowl 2012 – The winner is you!



This year’s Superbowl commercials were pretty lackluster, but the Video Game Armada gathered all the best ones and put them in our Commercialbowl this year. There can be only one winner but all our competitors still walk away with an award of some kind; because at least they tried. So without further ado – enjoy!




Characters of Color – The Brown M & M


YES! FINALLY! The race line in candy treats has finally been erased! M & Ms are quite possibly the most delicious, easy to eat, candies ever. The tagline, ‘melts in your month, not in your hand’, is true because the thin candy shell keeps the precious chocolate from spilling out due to hot weather or the like. It’s not perfect, but what is really? Anyway to add to the appeal, the candy shells were colored red, yellow, blue (added in the 90’s), green, orange (also a newbie color), and even the color of the chocolate itself – brown. Over time each one of the colors became mascots for different types of M &Ms like peanut butter or almonds, even having their own personalities – except for, you guessed it, the black M & M (or rather the brown M & M if you want to be technical). For years this injustice was unaddressed, until yesterday on the Superbowl. The whole world was witnessed to the final lost M & M in one of the best commercial of the night; Ms. Brown turned out to be intelligent, worldly, and sets the record straight on a common misconception about her. But please I can only tell you readers so much, watch the awesome commercial yourself and see why she’s today’s  Characters of Color.




This just in (Or not) – Madden 2012 predicts Giants beating the Patriots



That’s right people, the bowl to ends all bowls starts tomorrow (this one just creeped up this year), and for eight years now EA’s Madden series has been used as the official NFL super bowl simulator trying to predict the winner. This year the Giants squish the Patriots in a near victory of 27 to 24. Now I’m not saying it’s perfect, but being right 6 out of 8 times does boast good odds. We’ll see tomorrow.



Update 2/7/12: Madden was right, not the man but the game. While it wasn’t completely accurate the main point is that it predicted the winning team which was the Giants (congrats by the by). Now if the game would predict the winning lotto numbers – or at least the powerball.




The just in (or not) – Madden predictions and Angry Birds

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!1! Yes, yes you are, and so am I. The Superbowl is only a few days away and even a hardcore gamer like myself must shut off all my consoles and take part in watching. Not because of the game, but because of the awesome a million dollar apiece commercials (and TBL analysis on Armada soon after *wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say no more-say no more*); this year however is different because the Steelers, America’s Team, are once again going to the Superbowl. Their vic- I mean opponents are the Green Bay Packers, which, according to TBL, are pretty good; however I believe the Steelers are going to bring home their 7th (lucky number) ring and not because I say so (although that’s good enough in my opinion) but because EA’s Madden 2011 has deemed it so. Go ahead, call me crazy, but numbers rarely lie; it has been eight years since they started this experiment and except for Super Bowl XLII it has always predicted the winners (so far). Which is awesome and scares me a little, because the Madden series is known for taking out players (not permanently) who are on that year’s cover (see ‘Madden curse’) and now predicting the future. Madden is slowly become a combination of the Mayans and Skynet so watch out sports fans they maybe becoming for us next.

Anywho, great news everyone! The next chapter of the Angry Birds is coming in twofold: first Angry Birds Valentines (not it’s actually title) will feature a softer, kinder, gentler, way of viciously maiming green pigs. Look forward to heart shaped backgrounds and barriers, lighter color tones, and maybe even female birds (hey those eggs they keep losing have to come from somewhere). I’m not sure if this is going to be a stand-alone game or part of Angry Birds Seasons (although that’s likely), it will be due out by the 14th. The other game (although I’m not quite sure that’s part of cannon, even if Angry Birds actually has cannon) is Angry Birds Rio which is a tie in to both the birds we know and love and the animated movie Rio by 20th Century Fox coming out this spring. Leave it to Rovio to keep things interesting, I have no idea how this will work out but given their track record we have nothing to worry about. Oh yeah, Rovio is also putting out a Superbowl commercial of their own, promoting Angry Birds Rio. At the end it has a code to unlock a secret level in a Angry Birds’ game (not sure which one), so use lesser Superbowl commercial (and you know which ones) for bathroom breaks – just don’t miss this commercial.