Let’s Review: Thor Ragnarok

And now, our Movie Review of Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok




Sweet Christmas!: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer



Sweet Christmas! The holidays are back, and in full swing. With a combination of wintery weather, good stuff to buy, and new things to watch this Christmas should be one of the best. Of course what better way to kick off the yule time cheer than with Spider Man! Uh, yeah, not very Christmassy I know, but it is the new trailer for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie due early next year. And you could consider it a gift from Sony Pictures, so yeah. Plus by watching the trailer I think the sequel might be a step in the right direction, despite having emo Edward Spiderman in it. Watch it yourself and you make the call as the Holidays are on the move.






Trailer–Rama Week (PartDeux): Thor: The Dark World


After the stellar success of the Avengers, Marvel/Disney is now moving on to ‘phase two’ which means for us more awesome movies to look forward to. We already saw Iron Man put down terrorists and a corrupt corporation all at the same time in Iron Man 3, but in Thor: The Dark World the son of Odin will have his hands full as well. A new threat from a realm called Svartalfheim now seeks to return the universe to darkness – starting with Earth. Their leader, Malekith, is so powerful that the forces of Asgard may not be able to stand against him and his armies. In order to protect Asgard, Midgard (Earth), and the universe itself; Thor must risk all that is precious to him and beat this apocalyptic army one way or another.   Thor: The Dark World comes into the light on November 8, 2013.







Trailer-Rama Week (Part Deux): Man of Steel


I love it people, I mean video games are my thing in life but I love all forms of entertainment (as long as it’s good). And movies have been great this year, sure they’re always some stinkers but on the whole they were worth the money to see them – and the hits keep on coming. So once again I have to devote a whole week to the awesome movies that are coming our way because they to be watched – starting with Superman.

Oh I’m sorry, the ‘Man of Steel’, because rumor is that they won’t call Superman ‘superman’ in the movie once, which make no sense. Outside of that I think the movie is going to be a smash hit, especially compared to Superman Returns which, in my opinion, was the worst Superman flick to be put on the silver screen.  Since the movie will be opening on June 14 and I’ve already shown my fair share of the Man of Steel trailers I’ll only say one more thing: KNEEL!!!!!1!1!