Let’s Review: Teen Titans GO to the movies

This movie will test your hatred of the GO.










Trailer-Rama: The last justice of ragnarok


Trailer-Rama is back baby and it’s a good thing too because movies trailers are all over the place this year. Man if at least half of them are as good as they look then 2017 be an excellent year for movies and video games! For today though we only got three, but stay tuned for more!






Movie Review: Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice (Aftermath)



While breaking box office records left and right (beating out Deadpool in fact), the loudest minority continues to spoil the fun by talking about the movie entire in their spoiler videos. Well don’t worry – we’ll counter all that salt with a sweet video of our own. Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice Aftermath – Enjoy!



Superman plays a game (Totally for Real)



WHAT? Now Supes is getting in to my racket? Wait a minute… It’s April Fools, so that means, Ha! Got him now!

Movie Review: Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice

I won’t mince words today people, Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice is an instant classic, don’t listen to the haters, but do listen to the review.

Movie Review – Man of Steel

Late to the party, but always fashionably, the Armada reviews the Man of Steel. Despite our thoughts and feelings at the time of this review, there was something I couldn’t put my finger on about this movie. Fortunately you can always count of the Nostalgia Critic…. And of course General Zod.






Trailer-Rama Week (Part Deux): Man of Steel


I love it people, I mean video games are my thing in life but I love all forms of entertainment (as long as it’s good). And movies have been great this year, sure they’re always some stinkers but on the whole they were worth the money to see them – and the hits keep on coming. So once again I have to devote a whole week to the awesome movies that are coming our way because they to be watched – starting with Superman.

Oh I’m sorry, the ‘Man of Steel’, because rumor is that they won’t call Superman ‘superman’ in the movie once, which make no sense. Outside of that I think the movie is going to be a smash hit, especially compared to Superman Returns which, in my opinion, was the worst Superman flick to be put on the silver screen.  Since the movie will be opening on June 14 and I’ve already shown my fair share of the Man of Steel trailers I’ll only say one more thing: KNEEL!!!!!1!1!




Trailer-Rama (Superhero Edition): Iron Man & Superman


Yes, yes, yes! Iron Man 3 will be out tomorrow and you know the Armada staff will be seeing it and reviewing in a few days’ time. Rumor is that this will be the last of the Iron Man series of movies and in some ways I can see why. After all they want to bulk up more marvel heroes in movies and while Iron Man has already got his 3, there are still many more that haven’t even got out the gate yet. Still the more unreasonable side of me still wants more Iron Man movies no matter what. Well que sera, sera and all that because DC is finally there heavy guns into this fight with their upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ flick. You know the old say fokes (the other one anyway): when two competing comic book companies fight for movie viewership we all win!





Trailer-rama – Man of Steel

Technically there are two versions of the same trailer – this one’s called the ‘Jor-El’ trailer because it has Superman’s genetic father narrating it

You know, between ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ movies are getting more and more epic this year. Not only with comic book characters either, all sorts from established books to sequels of previous awesome films. So I decided to post the trailers of movies that should be on the public radar, because despite on how the actual movies turn out on opening day the trailers are good enough to give it a chance: First up, Man of Steel (a.k.a. Superman). So after the “final” movie of the Dark Knight trilogy Christopher Nolan must’ve said to himself: “Hey – doing a brooding Superhero was fun, let’s try Superman!” and boom Man of Steel is in post-production. Now I’m not quite sure if this is a sequel to ‘Superman Returns’ but I highly doubt it; like ‘Batman Begins’ this will probably be a fresh start (story wise) for red caped wonder. Will the same tricks used in the Dark Knight be used here, or will this series follow its own path to cinematic greatness? For now all we have to go on is this tease of a trailer(s) – enjoy!



And this one’s called the ‘Jonathan Kent’ trailer because it has the father who raised him narrating it




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