Christmas Hit List: Star Wars – the Old Republic



Christmas is only 11 days away, and you still don’t know what to get that special gamer in your life, for under $40 no less? Don’t worry, just in time for the holidays, the Christmas Hit List will be your guide.





Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Star Wars: The Old Republic


I know, I know; I am the biggest swtor fanboy this side of the internet, but BioWare’s beautiful MMO has definitely earn it my fanaticism. Excellent characters, excellent connecting story lines, making an MMO feel like a single player experience(which before swtor I didn’t think it was possible), voice acting in an MMO (not just sound bytes – ‘work work’), and those were the default pluses at year one. Over the years the game got better with various improvement, added features (strongholds and space fighter combat), and new planets. Now they just released their greatest DLC ever: the Knights of the Fallen Empire. Which basically is a sequel to swtor – and amazing, and free, all of it. So if your MMO happy friend/family member hasn’t tried the Old Republic due to reasons – please for all that is good let them know and get them started on their own adventure a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.





Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Blizz)



Ok I know this is a bit of a cheat since we just suggested Darth Malgus not to long ago but, whatever, I like Blizz so he’s my suggestion for today. People – before the Ewoks or ball droids the Jawa was the cute, small race of Star Wars fame. Adorable robes, bright luminescent eyes, baby like language, they hit all the spots for lovely-dovely feelings. Sadly throughout Star Wars history they’re often abused because of their weak, childlike appearance – despite being masters of machinery. Now there’s Blizz, a dreamer and adventurer he wanted to make more out of life. While still a Jawa and the love of tech is strong, Blizz won’t take getting kicked a gut lying down as he’s armed with rocket launchers, blasters, flamethrowers, and other weapons of mass destruction. I love the duality of Blizz where he’s still the shortest thing walking but carries a big stick so he earns his place today (plus who wouldn’t want a Blizz plushy?). As for who would have the honor of this costume? Why babies and pets of course, who in your household would have the cuteness factor but them?



Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Darth Malgus)




The next Star Wars movie is right around the corner which means nothing but that galaxy far far away will be on the people’s lips. Might as well get a early drop on the whole thing by become Darth Malgus from swtor for this Halloween. In addition to being one of the toughest and well respected Sith in the game, but he tried to create a more perfect Empire by naming himself Empire and tried to take over. Betrayal and ambition aren’t uncommon within the Sith (why do you think there’s only two in the movies) but Malgus had the foresight to do away with the ran pent racism and political in fighting when he took over. Sadly his reign didn’t last long and ended up dying – or did he? Anywho Darth Malgus has the coolness of Vader without the stigmata of the prequels to tie him down, fought a Jedi Grand Master and a hardened trooper commando at the same time, and looks good in black. He’s a lock for this years’ choice.





Game Preview: Star Wars – Knights of the Fallen Empire gameplay preview


The ‘Fall of Games’, a glorious time of the year where some of the most anticipated game titles are let loose to an eagerly waiting populous (usually during the autumn), is so close you can practically taste it. So to fan the flame of awesomeness game developers, publishers, and the like are giving people a little sample of what’s to come. This time around it’s BioWare and their next DLC ‘Knights of the Fallen Empire’. Set five years after the current game your character, recently freed from carbonite, is all that remains of the old. Because the galaxy has been effectively conquered by the Zakuul and their Immortal Emperor. Now you would think you can go all hero mode, start and revolution and save the galaxy from the super dark side (and you totally can). However according to the story you might actually be able to join the Zakuul and really 180 this whole thing (while that’s just a guess). BioWare says in this DLC “choices matter and impact outcomes” and they haven’t disappointed me yet. However a twitch stream showing some live (-ish) gameplay also doesn’t hurt either, enjoy!




Trailer-Rama: SWTOR – Become the Outlander Trailer


If there is such a thing called a sequel to any MMO,  Knights of the Fallen Empire will be one of the best. The Outlander Trailer reveals the players role in the game, which will be multifaceted: either become the hero that avenges the fallen factions of the previous game or maybe even join the Emperor in his new kingdom. Ether way this one will be a DLC to remember.

This just in (Or not): Swtor Digital Expansion – Galactic Starfighter



Well people I hope you’re happy, I’ve been hearing people complain about this almost since the release Star Wars: The Old Republic – non rail ship combat. As always BioWare complies with the whineyness of certain gamers because they’re cool like that. Seriously though the digital update entitled ‘Galactic Starfighter’ will allow players to own their own space fighter and wage dog fights against other players in asteroid fields, near large suns, and of course space stations just waiting to be blown to bits. Wait, there’s more! If you subscribe to swtor before November 1st you’ll get early access to the digital goodness before anyone else and a whole slew extra neat stuff too. So I expect all those people talking smack about the space missions to subscribe, it’s put up or shut up time now.



In other news…


I’m sad to report that the killer new IP ‘Watch Dogs’ won’t be releasing until 2014, which is a bummer; but you know what? They can take as long as they need to prevent another GTA Online. I’ll still not over that…