Armada’s E3 picks: Civilization – Beyond Earth (10/24/2014)


You know people I’ll be console monkey til I die, one of the reasons is that my computer back in the day wasn’t powerful enough to play most PC games. However there were two PC games from my childhood that I did have the good fortune to play: Age of Empires & Civilizations. Well all I’m glad to report that a new Civilizations’ game will be out this fall. Titled Civilization – Beyond Earth it feature man ultimate next step in our development: space. Like most Civilization games you are defacto leader of a civilization, it is up to you to lead and build your people to prominence. However being in the final frontier there are a few new challenges players will have to face this time; aliens, space age technology, rival colonies with different agendas, even quests. Beyond Earth will provide that long term gamer with plenty of hours of things to see, do, and conquer for October – let’s just hope there won’t be any Sim Cityese (2013) problems at launch. I think PC player rage is finally starting to die down over that one, no need for history to repeat itself here.




Games & Gear of 2012 – XCOM (12/31/2012)



This game is another one of those cases where the original game was on the PC back in the day; and it developed a small but dedicated fan base. However it faded from prominence until recently it was announced X-COM was coming back for the new generation.  Not as a top down strategy experience but rather a FPS strategy experience (though the even more recently announced ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ will have similar gameplay to the original games) for all major non-Wii consoles. Taking place in the 60’s the world is secretly being invaded by techno-organo-energy… aliens; players must build a team of elite specialists to uncover and drive not the alien threat. The neat thing about this is that you’re part of XCOM division that, like any other department or organization, must be well funded a have the necessary resources in order to truly succeed. I’m not quite sure how the money’s being made, but the resources, the players can acquire those on the field. Any alien tech you find you can choose to use right away or take back to HQ to improve your own technology. A deep, story based game, that focuses on forming quick (and shaky) alliances as well as deciding on the opportunity cost on either using B.A. tech on the field to save lives or researching it for the greater good in nice, refreshing, change of pace in the shooter market. But heck, how can anyone get tired of blowing alien grays into gray matter with impressive hardware, not me – and there’s plenty of that in the game too.