Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Tales from the Borderlands


Ok people time to hear a sad truth: with Gearbox Software focusing heavily on their newest IP, Battleborn, they have said on many an occasion that Borderlands would be put on the back burner. A bummer I know (though on the plus side I’m sure Battleborn with be an excellent addition to their line up of games), but worry not for the story of the Borderlands is not over yet thanks to Telltale Games and Tales from the Borderlands. Following a little bit after the end of Borderlands 2, Tales (the game, not the developer) starts two main characters: Fiona, a con-woman looking for the big score, and Rhys, a corporate lackey looking to become the next Handsome Jack. Through misfortune and mistrust they become tie together as their fate will be up to you. While this being a CYOA game, it lacks the frantic run and gun play style fans have grown accustom to in the Borderlands series. However it still retains the humor that the series is also known for, and since these character aren’t vault hunters the dangers are more real for them, and me, as we go along. The best thing about this title is that it fills in the Borderlands lore, which before Borderlands 2 was slim to none – and Borderland 2 only as necessary. A must download for all Borderlands fans, seeing how this might be the only thing we get Borderlands wise for a while.




Let’s Playthrough: Tales from the Borderlands 2-3


As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn once said: “The battleline between good and evil runs through the heart of every man.” So when things come to a head at this last part of the chapter who do we trust- the devil we know, or the devil we don’t? Find out in… the Tales from the Borderlands!!!

Let’s Playthrough: Tales from the Borderlands 2-2


Back to… the Tales from the Borderlands!!! Well the good news is that Fiona and Sasha was able to get back to hollowpoint (hollow point?). But the bad news is their trailer is all busted up. I’m not sure what their going to do? They might have to…


Let’s Playthrough: Tales from the Borderlands 2-1

Back to… the Tales from the Borderlands!!! Handsome Jack is back, but he’s still dead… Sort of, he’s a Hologram now who’s stuck in one of your character’s cranium. I’m sure that he’ll behave himself and not try to steal and murder anything at all – especially you.

Let’s Playthrough: Tales from the Borderlands 1-3

[Play the Odd couple theme now]

Back to… the Tales from the Borderlands!!! One’s a con woman the other a corporate monkey. The only thing they have in common is money they earn/take from other people. Can they get back their money from the auto driving, auto tuned bandit lord Bossanova, before the sheez hits the fan?

Let’s Playthrough: Tales from the Borderlands 1-2


Back to… the Tales from the Borderlands!!! Say people, if business intrigue isn’t your thing then try Fiona and her con -fidence lifestyle. Lie, cheat, and steal your way to the top as you set up some poor rubes from Hyperion into buying a total fake Vault Key… Wait a minute, we’re the rubes!

Let’s Playthrough: Tales from the Borderlands 1-1


Choose your own adventure games and the VG Armada always go hand and hand. However thanks to Telltale Games we found one important enough to televise – Tales from the Borderlands!