That’s Gamertainment – Conan’s Clueless Gamer on WWE 2K14


There are loads of laughs and even laughing out loud, as you check out Conan O’Brien as he and Aaron review the WWE 2k14 video game for the Xbox 360.


Clueless Gamer, a regular feature of Team Coco (Conan O.), commands quite a few regular subscribers, over 1.5 mill.


Conan had just over 1.6 million views for this segment with thousands of comments from his viewers, both good and not so good.


You would think with such a massive following and with his regular offerings, that there would be some element of sanity or even a credible review. . .WRONG, hey it’s Conan we’re talking about. Not only are his reviews funny, profane and awful, Conan as the title alludes to, has no clue how to even play video games!


His fight with Kane, while he plays Sheamus, contain moves only he could have managed to come up with.


Conan’s successful style is attributed to randomly hitting keys on the controller. Conan has created a pretty spiffy character though, with an even cooler entrance, complete with special moves, GO Conan!


Well take a look, you wrestling fans and gamers, go nuts and be sure to leave Conan a comment or two to grow on.








WTF/FTW – The Flaming C on Young Justice (sort of)


Conan O’Brien, a sort of living legend on the late night talk show circuit. From the whole ‘Tonight Show’ debacle which he handled with style and panache to his current show on TBS that always keeps the entertainment industry on its toes he’s just the host to make a late nite into a great nite. However, thanks to True Backlash, I’ve think I’ve beaded down my personal favorite Conan O’Brien moment: The Flaming C. Basically he had Bruce Tim create an outlandish superhero based off O’Brien – it was just a sketch and quite ridiculous but it didn’t go any farther than that – until a year ago. I’ll let Conan explain the rest:







Armada TV – Clips of Conan & MAD

I love video games, I love TV; but nothing brings a smile to my face quicker than our current culture giving video games its proper due in funny and awesome ways. For this segment of Armada TV I showcase clips of Conan O’Brien and MAD (on Cartoon Network) doing just that this week. Enjoy!