Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Heavy Weapons Guy a.k.a. The Heavy)


I know, I know, I’m a Team Fortress 2 fan boi and there’s like 8 heavies per neighborhood block every Halloween but ‘The Heavy’ popularity is a well-deserved. If you haven’t dressed up as him once for Halloween then do so this year, and if never played TF2 ever in life then you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Go to steam and play the game –it’s free. Also new comic out, read that too.




Armada’s E3 picks: Sunset Overdrive (10/28/2014)


Insomniac Games is one company that love the bring the action, whether realistic or not. Sunset Overdrive is definitely in the ‘or not’ category, but that’s not a bad thing people. I mean a lot of shooters (1st or 3rd) in resent times are very serious, very dramatic, and very monotone. Long did I want a shooter that was the next ‘Conker: Live and Reloaded‘ or the next ‘Team Fortress 2‘ but my friends it looks like my prayers have been answered. Sunset Overdrive will have: colorful characters, wide open world, hordes of mutants(not zombies, mutants) to kill, awesome abilities, even awesomer weapons, and the refreshing quality of not taking itself seriously as a game. All it wants you to do is fight mutants, beat the game, maybe play with other people online, and have a good time. And you know what people I’m down with that. Pre-order the game right now to get awesome goodies from your favorite provider of games.





This just in (Or not) – Team Fortress Comic #3



Yep the TF2 Mercs continue on to collect their lost members and finally defeat the Grey Mann and his robot hordes…. Uh, maybe. I mean Soldier, Scout and Pyro are in mother Russia looking for the Heavy while Hale is working with his greatest enemy to get back his company. During this there is hot dogs, snow, cursing, epic scout moments, and lots of comedy. I’m sure the epic battle between neutral and evil will come, later but for now read TF#3: Cold Day in  Hell.





That’s Gamertainment – Team Snow Fortess


Well people Spring is finally here (though depending where you are, you’re still getting snow oddly enough) and a lot of people are glad about that fact. Indeed this Winter was not only tough but would come out of nowhere with ‘Thunder Snow’ and ‘Polar Vortexies’ a plenty. However certain you tubers made the best out of a frigid situation and decided what better way to use the white stuff than to make a parody video about one of the best shooters on the market today: Team Fortress 2. Something also tells me if there was  winter in TF2 land this is exactly how it would play out. Enjoy!




Gift guide for great gamers: Team Fortress 2



Yeah I know this is another thing I’ve talked about too much, but hey, free + awesome = a good choice for PC games. Not much of a story (outside of the brilliantly funny web comic series), just a bunch of hired mercs with distinct abilities and personalities who are fighting over worthless things like gravel and astronaut monkeys. The humor and violence goes hand & hand which is the charm of the game. Too many shooters these days are grim and gray, but TF2 reveals in their tongue & cheek combat style – and they show no signs of stopping either. From hats & awards, to the robot apocalypse: Team Fortress 2 is an ever  evolving game and Valve’s greatest achievement to the industry. If you know anyone who like FPS’s, fun, and frantic action & not played this game yet then on Christmas Day download this game (via Steam of course) on their PC, buy some Mann Co. hats and get, them, busy!


Meet the… Meet the Soldier video, and Team Fortress 2 in a nut shell.

The Fall of Games: Team Fortress Update – A Tale of Two Cities


Even though the 8th generation of the console wars is in full swing, the PC nation is far from being ignored. In fact steam has just release a new expansion to their wildly popular free to play shooter Team Fortress 2 called ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. Along with, you guessed it, two new stages for their Mann vs Machine mode; players will also take advantage of new items, upgrades, visual effects, statics, and a much needed boost to the medic skill set. Now I don’t have a problem with the Medic in MvM, but a lot of players treat him like a pariah. With the new projectile shield (that also doubles as a robo bug zapper) & the reanimator (which bring dead players back to life) the herr doctor will once again be the most important person on the field of battle.




That’s Gamertainment: Team Fortress presents – Ring of Fired



Well people it’s been a little over a year since the robot apocalypse of Grey Mann was unleashed upon the world. Set to destroy Saxton Hale’s company and making it his own. Thanks to the class mercs of RED/BLU (and by extension us) we beat back the tide of metal death and got some sweet loot and new abilities (that don’t last unfortunately) out of it. Even after Grey Mann tried to change tactics and create new threats, we met the challenge. So will Mann vs Machine ever end? Yes, and in a very unexpected way, the first ever non-game update comic that is also a mini-series (six issues).  While we only have the first issue right now, it’s enough to knock you on your butt: here it is Ring of Fired.