This just in (or not) – Namco puts character request poll for “Tekken X Street Fighter” on “Tekken” Facebook page.

The moment I've been waiting for, has finally arrived.

On January 16, 2012, Katsuhiro Harada, current producer of the Tekken series, tweeted:


“I’m planning “TKxSF Roster vote” on TEKKEN Facebook. Plz wait…”


Harada’s referring to Tekken X Street Fighter, a game being produced by Namco Bandai, that will feature characters from their Tekken series and Capcom’s Street Fighter series and is a companion game to Street Fighter X Tekken, which was made by Capcom. After months of waiting, the poll has opened on the Tekken Facebook page.


The voting system is as follows, you have to pick 5 Tekken characters then 5 Street Fighter characters from the rosters the poll gives you. With a few, notable exceptions including all the characters created for the Street Fighter EX series, just about every character from both rosters can be chosen. So if you have invested interest in TKxSF and want to see your favorite character in it, follow this link and get voting.