The Dark Knight plays: Guardians of the Galaxy – the Telltale Series (Episode 1 – 5)


I am the vengeance, I am the night, AND THIS IS MY GAME PLAYING SERIES! Pick up the phone people because I call it, Star-Loser really shouldn’t have used an object of unknown cosmic might as a shot glass. Also, if the once alive Thanos wanted it, then you know other people might want it too. Oh, wait, this is the Guardians of the Galaxy we’re talking about – thinking is not their strong suit.





The Dark Knight plays: Batman the Telltale Series (Episode 1 – 2)



I am the vengeance, I am the night, I AM BATMAN! Hey guys it’s me Batman, listen, before you start this video, remember, I am NOT Bruce Wayne. OK, click the video.










The Dark Knight Plays (Premier): Batman the Telltale Series (Episode 1 – 1)



Hey guys, real talk real fast. So as it turns out the Dark Knight over here wants to try his hand at Let’s Plays. I know right! Weird. You think his night job would keep him pretty busy,  but apparently not. So while I can’t stop him (seriously he’s Batman) please I ask you guys to bare with him. With any luck he’ll get bored with the whole thing and do something else. Then again he might actually be good…










Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf among us (Conclusion)




So let’s see: Crane has been exiled, Blood Mary has been broken, the goon squad has peaced out or died, so now all that’s left is mash potato face a.k.a. the Crooked man. Now this guy doesn’t fight with fists – he fights with words. So this, being our final battle, can we defeat the source of all of fabletown’s woes and see justice done? Let’s find out in this thrilling conclusion of the Wolf among us.

Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf among us (Episode 5 – 1)




You know the old saying – ‘Break a mirror, get seven years bad luck’. Well for Bigby his whole life right now is bad luck, so going beast mode on a bunch of mirror demonesses probably won’t do much. Still… If I was him I would buy a box of lucky charms just in case.

















Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf among us (Episode 4 – 4)



Well people part 4 of Episode 4 is a quick one, so quick it’s a ‘why did I turn on the recorder for this’  quick. Don’t worry however, just for you, we’ll take a sneak peak of the last Episode today as well. Just don’t tell my boss, I don’t want to get written up.








Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf among us Episode (4 – 3)



Well people, we’re back in Fairytaleland-ville with Sheriff Bigby, and boy we start with a bang by fighting a devil. Don’t worry, we have a little help from our friends(?). Then we prepare for the final battle back at the office – by helping Mr. Toad with a loan… Yay….






Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf among us (Episode 4 – 2)



Welcome back to Dr.Phil. We have both Beauty and Beast back on the show, still talking about missing their 1% privileges, and to make ends meet they’re working  with shady criminal elements. Also on the show for some reason we have a butcher, or a baker, or a candlestick maker, no one really knows.







Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf among us (Episode 4 – 1)



Well after the end of the last Episode we learned that for Bigby: Silver Bullets = Bad! However we’re not going to let a thing like almost painfully dying stop us, so back to the case! Also did I mention that I really don’t trust the doctor – seriously he’s way to clean cut to be innocent. 














Let’s Playthrough: The Wolf among us (Episode 3 – 3)



Which witch? Why Auntie Greenleaf of course! Yeah, I don’t know who she is either, but I do know she’s the one who gave Lily the magical make over before she died and might know where Crane is. So how will this all play out in the end, watch and find out