Character Quotes – Seth Green & George Lucas

Seth Green & George Lucas plus writer Kevin Shinick who doesn't have a quote with Seth Green & George Lucas today. Maybe next time.

Seth Green & George Lucas plus writer Kevin Shinick who doesn’t have a quote with Seth Green & George Lucas today. Maybe next time.



As much as I hate prequels in general, not only did I like the Star Wars prequels (Episode I, II & III), but I thought they were necessary to the Star Wars mythos. They weren’t as good as the original trilogy but very few prequels are better than the original. Yet people (fans over the age of 20 mainly) still proclaim that the SW prequels (and George Lucas by extension) are the worst things to happen to fiction, even now after 14 years. Why? For many reasons, but the main one is Jar-Jar Binks: a silly, stupid alien that is comic relief and nothing more. However talk to the more jaded of Star Wars enthusiast and Jar-Jar is the beast in CG form. It is this collective hate people have with the prequels and Jar-Jar that made me select this collective quote from Seth Green & George Lucas. Remember that ‘Stars Wars’ post about how Seth Green wanted to be in the next Star Wars movie in an esquire interview. Well if you read that interview then you already know what’s coming up, but if you didn’t the following words should put things in perspective:



Seth Green: I had a conversation with him once about Jar Jar, and why Jar Jar wasn’t funny. He said, “How old were you when you saw Star Wars?” I was four. He said, “Did you like C-3PO?” I said, “I loved C-3PO. He was probably my favorite character.”


Esquire: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve heard this argument before.


Seth Green: Well, wait, he makes a good point. He said, “Remember in Empire Strikes Back, when C-3PO is complaining, and Han Solo is like, ‘Shut that guy off,’ and they turn him off?” I said, “Yeah, I was horrified.” He said, “Remember when that happened, everybody over 20 in the audience cheered?” And I said, “Yes, and I thought that was horrible. What’s wrong with those people?”


Esquire: Huh.


Seth Green: You see what he means?


Esquire: I guess you’re right. I’m suddenly getting flashbacks from the ’80s, of adults complaining about how much they hated C-3PO.


Seth Green: So George said to me, “How old were you when you saw Episode I?” I was 26. And he goes, “And you just haaaaaaaated Jar Jar, didn’t you? Talk to your five-year-old nephew.” And you know what? I did. I talked to my brother-in-law, actually, who’s 21 now. He was just at that sweet-spot age when Episode I came out. And he loves Jar Jar. That’s where George is brilliant. He does things that are crowd-pleasers. He’s a crowd-pleaser.