Game Preview: House of Wolves recap


The Reef: A new social area to pal around in, to meet new characters and explore.


The Trials of Osiris: A weekly event where you and two other players test your mettle against a rival fireteam for glory and sweet loot.


The Prison of Elders an end game dynamo that will either carve out your place among heroes or buried you in an unmarked grave.


Needless to say I’m getting the House of Wolves DLC on the 19th, and I hope you all will too.




Game Preview: House of Wolves – The Reef


Well people if you didn’t know I’m a big fan & player of Bungie’s Destiny. It’s an ‘easy to learn, tough to master’ type of game that keeps bring me back for more. Before the end of this month however Bungie will be testing our light against House of Wolves. In the past only bits & pieces were ever known about the DLC. However recently they’ve been revealing new content about the next chapter in steam, which now is available to watch on YouTube. So you know what that means – it’s Game Preview time! This first reveal is about the new social area: The Reef. Where you and your friends can meet, catch up on current events, and plan your next soiree of offensive strikes against your enemies – my kind of place. Enjoy!