Aftermath: Avengers Infinity War


And now our spoiler show – Aftermath, talking about Avengers the Infinity War.






Let’s Review: Avengers – Infinity War


Our review of the latest Avenger’s movie – the Infinity War.







Let’s Review: Thor Ragnarok

And now, our Movie Review of Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok




Trailer-Rama: The last justice of ragnarok


Trailer-Rama is back baby and it’s a good thing too because movies trailers are all over the place this year. Man if at least half of them are as good as they look then 2017 be an excellent year for movies and video games! For today though we only got three, but stay tuned for more!






Trailer–Rama Week (PartDeux): Thor: The Dark World


After the stellar success of the Avengers, Marvel/Disney is now moving on to ‘phase two’ which means for us more awesome movies to look forward to. We already saw Iron Man put down terrorists and a corrupt corporation all at the same time in Iron Man 3, but in Thor: The Dark World the son of Odin will have his hands full as well. A new threat from a realm called Svartalfheim now seeks to return the universe to darkness – starting with Earth. Their leader, Malekith, is so powerful that the forces of Asgard may not be able to stand against him and his armies. In order to protect Asgard, Midgard (Earth), and the universe itself; Thor must risk all that is precious to him and beat this apocalyptic army one way or another.   Thor: The Dark World comes into the light on November 8, 2013.







Movie Review – The Avengers (Part Five of Five)


Well this is it people, the final part of our massive Avengers review. Got to say it’s been a lot of fun; but I doubt will be doing this again any time soon. I mean movies of this epic proportions doesn’t come along very often. Then again the Spiderman and Batman movies are not to far along in the year are they? Stay tuned.




Movie Review – The Avengers (Part Four of Five)


Today in part four we check out the action in the this action superhero flick. Does it hold a candle to Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon? You all should know the answer by now. Enjoy.