Trailer-Rama Week – Saints Row 4


Well people BioShock Infinite is coming out in a week and couldn’t be more excited – but am I ready? After spending all this time in my SimCity Zen garden, reflecting on my gaming journey to this point, and becoming one with the universe I’ve come to the conclusion, that, I miss taking out randoms with various weapons, powers, and my own two fists. I also miss bending over a boss and beating the sweet, sweet, loot out of it. Finally I miss that awesome feeling of playing a game from beginning to end, enjoying the experience, and letting you all know what I thought about it (and anyone else who asked). So am I ready? Oh heck yeah, but I’m still going to sharpen my skills til the game’s releases, so what that means is a full week of new trailers (with an extra trailer on Friday since I missed Monday). With that Saints Row 4! Yep slated as a DLC before THQ downfall, now in the reigns of Deep Silver it is a full-fledged game. So how do you top the awesome chaos that was Saints Row: the Third? By added super powers, aliens, and making the Saints leader (You) the president of the United States in the process. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Video Game is the ultimate entertainment media.




This just in (Or not) – Junction Point is put on the bus



Dang it guys! What is up with 2013? For every good thing I found that coming our way this year there’s an almost equally suckyness thing that’s going on at the time. First the annihilation of THQ which was bad enough, but now I hear that Junction Point, the studio that made the too awesome for reality game Epic Mickey 2, is closing down VIA twitter post (which was removed and replaced) and confirmed on Why? Why? Well there are many factors here, and plenty of blame to go around. Lack of good advertisings, unnecessary cross platform release instead of making it a Wii U exclusive, competing with freakin Halo 4 and Assassin Creed III during their launch windows, Disney probably cutting their losses to focus on ‘other’ projects, and of course shortsighted, twitch happy, non-gamer gamers (you know who you are) who rather teabag then play a game that takes real skill to play. The Power of Two wasn’t perfect, but I’ll put this game up against any other game from last year and Two would tear it a new one every time. Junction Point doesn’t deserve to be unceremoniously removed only after, in my opinion, two superior games. When in the world did success = failure?



Junction Point this is for you. No matter where you end up, you’ll always have an ally of the Armada (Disclaimer: The Video Game Armada are not, or shall never be, Bronies – so DON’T ask).

This just in (Or not) – The Stick of Truth now belongs to Ubisoft



Well people today’s news is a little bitter sweet; as we all know THQ has been going through a rather messy bankruptcy and in order to barely survive they have to sell their I.P.s (Intellectual Properties) – including the ones in development. Upcoming titles like Metro: Last Light and their developing studios are finding new homes in other video game publishers, but in my opinion THQ biggest lost so far is losing South Park: The Stick of Truth to Ubisoft (as well as THQ Montreal who had publishing rights for said game). Why? With all due respect to the current games being sold now, and those properties that will be sold in the future, South Park: The Stick of Truth will be the next great game of the year (yeah I’m calling it). Now I have nothing against Ubisoft, I love the Tom Clancy games (can wait for Rainbow 6: Patriots), but I also love THQ, a lot of my personal favs are there too (well not WWE ’13, but you know that). If THQ still had the rights to the Stick of Truth I know the success of the game would have been the shot in the arm the company needed. But now? THQ fate is still in question, again in my opinion. Let’s just they hope they don’t lose anymore, I don’t want THQ to be known as “The Hastily Quantulum” game company.


And now South Park’s greatest cultural contribution to the world:  Let’s Fighting Love. I totally watch that show.





Games & Gear of 2013 – South Park: The Stick of Truth (???????)


I think I’ve talked enough about South Park: The Stick of Truth, but here’s a recap: South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are creating a video game equivalent of a South Park episode where players play as a new kid moving into town. Unfortunately every single kid in town is caught up in a larp civil war and if you want to get some brownie points you got to play along. Well if you ever watched any episode of South Park, something as simple as role play can easily turn into end of the world – but now it may be our fingers of the button to destruction. I can’t want until March.

1/28 = Well apparently since the Stick of Truth was bought out by Ubisoft, the release date has been changed to ‘I don’t know’ so stay tune for the adjusted date sometime in the future. I hope…

What Santa brought me (Mini Game Review) – WWE 13



Well people if you couldn’t tell by my posts, commentary, and even a quote from the Shield’s entrance theme on this month’s quote picx (“Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta: Shield.” by the by) that I’m a wrestling fan. Been one since the tail end of the 80’s and beginning of the Attitude Era; heck I played and owned the first ‘Smack Down!’ video game for the PlayStation back in the day – and it was great! But in later days I’ve stopped getting then newer Smack Down and now WWE titles, because like Sports games, there wasn’t much change to them. The names may change but the game remains the same; so for Christmas I asked Santa to bring me ‘WWE 13’ because I wanted to see professional wrestling games are still awesome. I’m sad to say people that I’ve been gone too long.



I’m calling it now: WWE 13 is the tragic failure of the last year, I mean how can a game get everything so right but yet miss the most important part about professional wrestling… Ok the goods – the character editor is amazing, you can turn anyone into a wrestler now, entrance editor – thanks you this you can come out almost any way you want, with an edited video package you want, with any song you want, (it’s a lot of work, but still) brilliant! Technique & stats editor – makes your wrestlers fight how you want, with strengths and weakness of your own choosing. A decade of wrestlers to choose from – that’s right they not include most of the current stable of WWE superstars like John Cena, C.M. Punk, and Sheamus; but a lot of Attitude Era favorites like Mankind, The Nation, DX, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the L.O.D, and more for our playing enjoyment! So why does this game….





BECAUSE THERE IS NO STORY MODE!!! Believe what you want if you think professional wrestling is fake or not, but there’s only one reason I watch RAW, Smackdown, Main Event, Superstars, NXT, TNA Impact, and sometimes even Ring of Honor: the story. What do I care if some guy smacks another guy in the face with a steel chair, or there’s s dramatic verbal confrontation between two wrestlers? I wouldn’t. Thanks to the stuff that happens between matches and sometimes during and afterwards it gives me context for the situation & a chance you formulate my opinions of the characters involved: that’s call story. We don’t have that here, instead they gave of the history of the Attitude Era to play through and unlock characters with, which is fine if I didn’t already know the history of the Attitude Era because I lived it. Even if I didn’t, seeing as I am a big enough wrestling fan, could’ve have a bought one of the bazillion DVD on the history of the Attitude Era & Monday Night Wars! Dang it guys! This was bad enough but add to the fact that the DLC process is less than perfect (slow and even freezes in mid download), and the actual grapple combat is nothing more than a quick time event… I have no choice but to give this a failing grade. Sorry WWE, maybe next year.




It’s a sad day when I have to tell WWE they suck, especially in a reviewing capacity. However there is a silver lining, during my research I found this unused Zack Ryder WWE Theme Song. All I got to say is WTF/FTW.


Gameroween – Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Day 12)



Hey, hey, hey, playas! Today we’re going to do something a little different. Instead of me offering a suggestion, you Armadaires create your own costumes – you can. Recently THQ released the ‘Initiation Station’ Demo for their upcoming everything killer, Saint’s Row: The Third. This station will allow players to create their avatar leader of the 3rd street saints, you can make them like yourselfor not. They probably have the best create-a-character to date so you can let your imagination run wild. Once your done you can upload it to the community gallery in for your game when it comes out, and to show off online to the other would be pimps out there. So get cracking, you’re already one day behind.


Knew it! I knew there were black saiyans!

Armada’s E3 picks – Warhammer 40K: Space Marines


Ok here’s a new IP title with an old concept – you are Captain Titus a grizzled, tough as nails S.O.B. who he, and the ultramarine veterans he leads, are sent to a planetary space factory to hold it off  from the millions of Orc-looking aliens called Orks who are trying to invade it. All the while trying to unlock the dark secret the planet holds. Ok so it’s not entirely Halo, and that’s why it’s one of our picks. The story’s premise (as well as the whole reality of this IP) is so ridiculous, yet taken seriously; it’s going to be interesting to see how it all plays out. Also Warhammer 40K: Space Marines is not an isolated incident, the 40K series was (and still is) a table top game like Dungeons and Dragons. Now I know the transition from board game to video game doesn’t always translate well, but 40K has more hits than misses with their games plus Space Marines has one more thing going for them: frantic, visceral, combat… See below:





Next pick: Ok this one’s not part of E3 (as far as I know), but I don’t care. This mech game has roots with the original PlayStation system, and was one of the first titles to allow you to make your own bot from the ground up.