Let’s Review: Tom Clancy’s – The Division 2


Today on Let’s Review we take a look at Ubisoft’s latest title – Tom Clancy: The Division 2. Three years (and some change) later from the first one, can it earn the PPoP rating as well? Click on a find out. 







There & Back Again: The Division – Underground (Expansion I)



You know people, in order to get all the E3 Let’s Watches done I had to hole myself up in the game bunker. Not leaving for any reason unless it was to eat, sleep, and eat. So it’s good fortune that my first video after E3 is the latest DLC for The Division, entitled Underground. My eyes are already tuned for low light conditions and I’m not claustrophobic, so let’s do this!







Let’s Review: The Division


In a internet full of let’s plays, reacts, and gaming top 10 – where has the reviews gone? Sure there are some holdouts, but their reviews are either misinformed or just too long (or both really). How will you know a game’s legit then? Worry not because, once again, the Armada’s got you covered.

Armada’s E3 picks: Ghost Recon – Wildlands (TBA)


Now for something somewhat new: Bolivia is rugged country with mountains, plateaus, lowland plains. Filled with resources like tin, natural gas, petroleum, silver, iron, lead, gold, etc. Well in the upcoming title, Ghost Recon Wildlands, it becomes the stage and settling for a drug cartel to end all drug cartels. The Santa Blanca are power personified; controlling the republic through money, narcotics, and the corrupted goverment themselves. The only way to stop them is to destroy them from the inside out. As part of the legendary strike team, The Ghosts, you must use any means necessary to break the Santa Blanca strangle hold on Central America. And in this versatile open world experience your actions will indeed have consequences. Watch the trailer and start planning, the world won’t save itself.




Armada’s E3 picks: Rainbow Six – Siege (10/13/15)


As you well know ‘The Division’ is the Tom Clancy version of the world that totally eats it via Bio Terrorist attack. You wonder what that event was possibly? You only have to look to another Tom Clancy title for the answer. Rainbow Six: Siege is a squad v squad game that puts players in the shoes of highly trained law enforcement specialists from all across the world. Their goal? To stop a terrorist ring whose unknown, well-funded, far reaching, and most dangerous of all – other players. This PVP centric game will not be won easily because tactics, teamwork, and terrain are never the same in Siege (oh and no respawning either). My only question is when will we see the terrorist character classes; I mean if players are going to be terrorists in the game they might as well know what they’re working with (or at least I would like to know). Anywho Rainbow Six: Siege will the most hardcore squad based game you’ll play to date, which hopefully will stay on its release date window and not until wait til next year like so many other games did last year.




Armada’s E3 picks: The Division (3/8/2016)


Hey people, so here’s the question: Do you like the concept of Destiny? You know where you play a unknown person of great importance, where their main goal is to combat enemies and also protect what’s left of a broken world using a wide variety weapons? However do you also think that the whole aliens and magic powers kind of ruin it for you? Well my friends give The Division a try! Set in a world where a nasty bio terrorist attack has all but destroyed the United States; you play as an agent of ‘The Division’ whose goal is to find who launched the attack. From there it’s up to: do you work alone or with other agents, do you help citizens in trouble every chance you get or stay on task with the mission, will you brave the contaminated areas and recover lost tech and weapons or will you rob other agents and go rouge. The Division has no oversight and unlimited freedom – how you complete your missions will be up to you.




Games & Gear of 2015: Tom Clancy’s – The Division (2015)

the division


So people we’ve played games where the end of the world has happen due to war, famine, and disease – usually 100s of years in the future. However in Tom Clancy’s – The Division, its apocalypse is a little more resent. In fact players take on the role an agent of the Division who, somehow, must not only restore order to a world devastated by a bio-terrorist attack, but find out who unleashed the attack in the first place. Fortunately you’re not alone as you can use the help of other player agents to help achieve your goal. However they can easily hinder your process as well, agents can both be loyal to the cause – or revel in the chaos. No matter your personal direction you can well equip yourself with the latest gadgets and arms to fight your war. Whether it’s from a fallen enemy or something you craft yourself. Heck you can even play the game on your smart device and prove support to your allies in a pinch! Tom Clancy’s – The Division is similar to Destiny but also many ways different; if it can live up to half of its promises I promise you that you’ll never want to leave The Division’s world for anything.






Games & Gear of 2015: Rainbow Six – Siege (2015)


Before his death in 2013, one of the next Tom Clancy game heading towards the next gen consoles was called Rainbow 6: Patriots. However the game was scraped for unknown reasons (which is too bad because I liked its premise). Oh well… They soon replaced it with Rainbow Six – Siege; an tactical multiplayer FPS (possibly without a story mode – or something like Titanfall/Evolve). Players are assigned to either terrorists or the Six in squad v. squad game modes. Not quite your death match detail (there might be but I’ve never seen it yet in Siege) these modes focus on objectives like hostage recuse and defend this ‘thing’ from the enemy (not its technical name). Once in a squad you can choose one from 20 different ‘Operators’; each one armed with special skills and gear. Pick well because once it’s game time and you die, your dead for that round. Add to the fact of destructible environments, scouting cameras, and portable defense/offensive stage tech (barricades, scout cameras, C4,) and no round will ever be the same. Rainbow Six – Siege may lack the premise of Patriots but certainly makes up for it in a very tight and versatile multiplayer. A clear pick up title later this year.




Armada’s E3 picks: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (2015)


Another Tom Clancy game makes the list today, and while The Division focuses on a ‘what-if’ scenario, Rainbow Six Siege details the all to real world of life and death. Like Hardline players can play as a cop or criminal, and the opposing sides have different gadgets and skills but that’s where the similarities ends. Siege has a ‘one n’ done’ principal, meaning once you die, your done for the round. Unfortunately dying in this game seems to be very easy as guns (shotguns in particular) can penetrate through houses walls and barriers like a hot knife though butter. Also traps, spikes, and shape charges to kill you and your team. And finally there’s a timer that ticks down to achieve your objective, if that runs out you lose – and may also die. This game demands strong teamwork, solid statics, and pure skills to achieve victory. It’s not for the faint of heart people, so if you think you’re a bad enough dude/click then meet me on Siege next year and we’ll see what you got.




Armada’s E3 picks: Tom Clancy – The Division (TBA)


Ah Tom Clancy, God rest your soul. I’m going to miss how, even though you write about the same thing over & over again (political intrigue), it still very entertaining to watch, read, and play. Even though you’re gone, the brand with your name seems like keeping up with your style with the Division.  This title is worst outcome for America namely a Bio Terrorist attack that kills most of its people. Those who survive are either pirates, thugs, and extremists or victims of the former. The only hope for the country now is you and the Division; the Division is a secret organization (naturally) that specially trained their members to survive the end of the world and save what’s left of humanity – even from itself. Players will be busy as a Division operative, they will need to protect innocent, fight insurgences, and suss out who unleashed the man-made virus in the first place. Now we have two things going for us: the ability to customize your character to fight any kind of war you want to fight (heavy, stealthy, tech, etc) & the game is 100% co-op, meaning your friends or other players can join in when things get tough.  The Division is only one of two Tom Clancy branded (or rather influenced) games that showed on E3 this year. The other game I’ll highlight later, but it safe to say that the man would be proud of both because of how well they represented his vision.