Armada’s E3 picks: Transformers Devastation (10/06/15)


Forget monsters, forget zombies, forget dinosaurs, and the rest – the true master race is robots and reasons are oblivious (metal skin, made of weapons, relentless, etc.). The king of robots will always be Transformers because in addition to the all the advantages of a robot of they also transform into awesome things like tanks, guns and yes robotic dinosaurs (plus they’re iconic characters of the 80’s so yay). The last Transformers game I’ve played was the High Moon Studio treat “Transformers: Fall of Cybertron” and it was great, but Transformers Devastation may even beat it. To start it did something no other Transformers game has ever done, get the look like the old show – it’s amazing! Several of the voice actors from the original series are also reprising their roles in the game – awesome! Finally the game’s being developed by PlatinumGames Inc. so you know it will be the most kinetic, fuel injected, ball-bearings to the wall Transformers games to date. And the best thing is that we only got to wait a month and a half before we can transform and roll out.







Movie Review: Transformers – Age of Extinction


We watched it, we loved it, it was a great movie – deal with it! By the by highest grossing film of the year, deal with that also.

Flicks of 2014 – Transformers: Age of Extinction


Yes, it’s another sequel.

Yes, it’s going to be awesome.

Deal with it.





This just in (Or not): Party! Nintendo birthday party! Featuring John Legend.

It'sa me, John-Legend!

It’sa me, John-Legend!


You know people I wear my video game love on my sleeves (yes, both of them) anytime, anywhere. When I was a little tot not a lot of people and kids my age was in to gaming (mostly he-man, ninja turtles, transformers, etc). However 20 plus years later and gaming has become such an entertainment media force that even beautiful super models and singer-songwriters will have Nintendo themed parties to celebrate birthdays with. Doubt me do you? It happed already with Chrissy Teigen (the beautiful super model) and John Legend (the not beautiful super model). See it was her birthday and instead of doing something boring like fancy restaurants or whatever; Legend donned the legendary (pun totally intended) overalls of the most famous plumber ever and celebrated Teigen’s (or should I say princess Teigen) birthday in style. Her cake and some of their friends were also Mario themed and by all accounts good times were had by all. So it doesn’t matter if you’re in fast food or a nine time Grammy Award winner, when you’re a video gamer you’re just cooler by default.



That cake is actually the fabled lost level cakelandia, tricky and delicious.



Trailer-Rama: Double Feature

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


Well since ‘The Hobbit’ was one of the very few genre movies that receive little to no criticisms (though some tried with the frame rate – seriously), I’m pretty sure the next movie,  The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, will be another hit. I mean is has hobbits, wizards, dwarfs, and Benedict Cumberbatch. What’s left to say but SMMMAUGGGGGG!




The Lego Movie


Oh yeah people, this is happening. It’s not a DVD feature, not a cartoon network  series, but a real to life flick that will be shown in theaters next year. At first I though this a little too surreal, but I realized that so far: Transformers, Battleship, Rock’em-Sock’em robots (aka Real Steel) have already made their theatrical debut so why the heck not. Plus this is going to be extremely funny.




Trailer-Rama Week – Pacific Rim + BioShock Infinite



It’s a shame but there are not enough giant robot movies out in the world. My earliest movie memory is, you guessed it, giant fighting robots. I don’t remember the name though, all I do remember is a good guy bot fighting a black bad guy bot with four spider-like arms (and no it wasn’t animated –if anyone knows what I’m talking about, and knows the name, please yet me know).  Ever since then I’ve seen giant robo cartoons(foreign & domestic), played giant robo video games (foreign & domestic) and even owned not-so- giant robo action figures (foreign & domestic) – but giant robo movie are a rare thing indeed. Then out of no where here comes this beautiful piece of cinema that shows what they should have done a long time ago when facing any problem that threaten man kind – make a giant robot. I swear the zombie apocalypse would be a 5 minute scuffle when up against a nuclear powered death machine.  Fortunately they won’t be doing that (Zombies are played out) they’ll be fighting against giant monsters and aliens – finally my life is complete.






Finally, BioShock Infinite. In four days this game comes out, we all play, joy.  And of course you’ll get all the reviewy goodness here at Video Game Armada. Stay tuned.




Game Preview – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Demo


Well people the summer is almost over and you know what that means, ‘the Fall of Games’ will be here soon. And what better game to kick of the onslaught of gaming goodness than robots in disguised – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.  Now this is one of the games I’ve said to look out for in the past and they’re already gearing up to bring it to players and fans in this sizzling sequel. Providing more information and trailers are key, but what really whet an appetite is a pre-launch demo which as of 2 days ago have also been provided to gamers worldwide. Now I’m not saying the demo perfect; it not very smooth looking (hopefully the game on actual disc improves that), the story playthroughs end waaaaay to soon, and of course you can only get to level 6 in the multiplayer and only have two modes of game play for said multiplayer. But I say this, in the small glimpse I saw of the game through the demo I know we’ve found a winner. Words are cheap however, play the demo yourselves (download at Xbox live/PSN) and see why Transformers are (and always shall be) awesome.




Games & Gear of 2012 Reloaded – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (8/28/2012)


More than meets the eye indeed! I swear people I’ve checked the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron website every other day for anything other than static picture of Grimlock and the first trailer under it – to no success might I add. However recently not only has the site transformed into an awesome visual feast for the eyes but also produced a release date. A refresher – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is a sequel to the surprisingly awesome Transformers: War for Cybertron game. It told the true origin story of the famed cybertronian civil war that led both Autobots and Decepticons to leave the planet and launch more stories and series than I can count. The first game was shown in the eyes of both groups and was well told, full of action and humanized the giant fighting death machines. Add to the fact that the multiplayer was actually a lot of fun and you got yourself a dark horse success story. Now Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is going to bring all that was good from the first game and give it an energon injection (that a good thing) making it one of must play games of the year. With the first game I foolishly traded it in for another less gamer (which I won’t tell you all what that game was in order to protect its feelings) but I won’t make that same mistake twice (barring review of course – but I got a feeling everything going to be alright).





Game Preview – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Gameplay Preview

Yeah, something tells me we're going to need this when the robot dinosaurs start walking down the street


It’s sad to say that X Play is the last great bastion of gaming journalism on TV. Yes, yes I know there’s Game Trailer TV and Electronic Playground, but to say their time schedule (as well as the available channels they’re on) is random world be stating the obvious and not helping the world at large with video game coverage. Anyway being the only constant competition on the boob tube may have nerfed them a bit, but they still get gems like showing Transformers: Fall of Cybertron interview and gameplay for the entire world to see. Here they show Jazz and Vortex do their stuff and gives play a small taste of the individual mechanics of the bots this time around. Which is cool because when players create their own bots for Multiplayer you can bet your last dollar there will be diversity in the ranks this time (and I don’t mean just Jazz – Shoot! I should have put him as a character of color too, I mean he’s a robot but come on he a black robot).



Transformers: FoC preview




Gameroween – Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Day 10)


Halloween is more than just monster and superhero costumes, it’s also about robots costumes. That’s right, whether it’s the weapons out of nowhere, transforming into vehicles or secretly plotting to destroy all mankind; automatons go together with any Halloween function. Even within the cold perfect logic of machines, there is an oppressed minority – Cyborgs. Not human anymore, but too human to be a robots, cyborgs live a sad existence alone without a joy in the world. Yeah, no they don’t. They live an awesome life of excitement, action, super mechanized fists; but at the same time still enjoy the finer things in life. R.A.X. (Robotic Artificial Exoskeleton) Coswell from Eternal Champions is today’s choice. He’s was a skilled kickboxer in 2345 but when people wanted to see machine on machine violence he decided to get auged up. After that he was dropping opponents left and right, what finally took him out was a greedy promoter and a virus program. Don’t worry he’s currently fighting in the Eternal Champion tournament, with any luck he’ll be back. Until then, just wrap yourself in tin foil and represent.




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