Gameroween 2012 – Video Game Characters that make awesome costumes (Day 11)



Ah the gentleman. Within fiction they are either complete useless or a proper bad @$$; but their personalities always entertaining. That can be thanks to their mannerism, who the person is (or their family), but whatever they’re awesome. I’ve even modeled myself as a more modern gentleman, even though I’d never could pull off the upper crust accent. My favorite ‘version’ of the gentleman archetype  & my choice for today’s costume  are one of the same: Sir Roderick Ponce Von Fontlebottom the Magnificent Bastard from Jade Empire. The character, who should win a award for the name alone and ten more because the voice of Sir Roderick is John Cleese, is comedy gold every time he opens is mouth. An explorer from an unknown region (dollars to doughnuts its England) he finds his way to the Jade Empire and, in total Magnificent Bastard style, starts listing out the flaws of a country he’s not from. When the main characters meet this strange stranger they believe they can take him down a peg, both mentally and physical. Depending how good you are you can soundly trounce the good douchebag both ways and if you’re smart you’ll choose his rifle ‘Mirabelle’. Yes – in a game where there’s living walking statues, frog demons, ghosts, magic, martial arts, time control, bamboo & paper airplanes that you fly a la galaga, and dragons; they also give you a gun that shreds through a would be opponent like an actual flintlock rifle would. Is there any wonder why Jade Empire was ‘the’ RPG of its day.




TV Tropes calls what Dudley and Sir Roderick are as ‘Cultured Bad@$$’ to which I agree. After all who else knows the finer points of dinning and polite conversation while beating someone like a government mule? A Cultured Bad@$$ that’s who!





Update: Armada-pedia & tropes pages added

True Backlash, a man I’m proud to call brother, keep me up to date with the events of the world –  whether I want to know or not. From worldly events to politics and, yes, even entertainment – if he doesn’t already know about before the six 0’clock news or twitter feeds it’s not worth knowing. Of course there’s only one thing he enjoys more than gathering info, and that’s telling the world about said info. So he can be found providing more than a few nuggets of joy the various wikis, message boards, and tropes out there. Backlash does it all with a smile, but writing for ‘public’ information sites do have their drawbacks. There is a reason why school professors don’t allow Wikipedia as reliable source to site for projects and in general (but we still do it anyway :p).  So I decided to give my main man here his own wiki & trope pages on Armada to do as he will. That way he has creative control of his content and we get a virtual fountain of knowledge.

Please note: not even I know what he has in store for it but rest assured what’s found will either be something cool or something you didn’t know was cool. Stay tuned.