A moment of gaming reflection – A 99 year old Japanese lady plays bomberman every day.



You know, many people in life spend a great deal of it, trying to figure out what to do with it. Me, however, I was truly blessed to I know who I am and what I’m put on this world to do at an early age. Namely video games and journalism in one glorious happiness sandwich. While other kids wanted to be athletes or famous people all wanted to do is play video games for the good of mankind (selfless I know). As I get older however and see people my age accomplish great things and/or achievements, it does make a person wonder what could have been and do I have the passion to keep doing what I do. Will I always love video games or as the games crank out and the culture changes; will I become jaded and critical like so many reviewers before me when they lost their sense of wonder. I don’t think so. Video games to me are the ultimate from of human artistry; not only involving many different visual, audio, and storytelling elements; but they only become truly realized by the audience (players or watchers) through interaction. Movies, TV shows, books, painting, sculptures, plays, music – all can only take you so far, but video games can take you anywhere beyond. Umeji Narisawa, a 99 year old woman who has as much wisdom and experience as anyone else alive, plays the Famicom (that’s the NES in japan by the by) version of Bomberman for the sum total of two and a half hours a day, for 26 years. She told reporters that watching her grandchildren have fun while playing it motivated her to play as well; now she does it every day, sometimes beating it twice a day. Mrs. Narisawa also says that the game keeps her mind sharp and her hands nimble; I certain wouldn’t want to challenge her. But this is actually why I’ll never stop loving video games; they bring joy, they revitalize the imagination, they bolster the mind, they energizes the soul, and each game a person plays is as much to do about them as it is the game itself.