Characters of Color – Alyx Vance



Ok a little history, Half Life stars Gordon Freeman a scientist who, along with the company he works for, Black Mesa, accidently opens a portal to an extra dimensional reality where aliens, of course want to take over the world. Naturally this scientist sends them packing but before happily ever after he’s given a choice by the mysterious G-Man: work for him or die. Easy choice, he sends him to the future where earth is conquered by another group of extra dimensional aliens called the Combine (this guy gots the worst luck doesn’t he). Well like the first game Freeman starts showing the combine the door, but not without help this time. Enter the resistance and one of their main leaders Alyx Vance, our character of color for today. Probably the most popular and famous deuterogamist (fancy way for saying elite sidekick & second most important character in a story) Alyx Vance is the perfect person you want to take into the unknown with you: she’s a skilled hacker and machinist (turned a simple meter high tinker toy into giant guardian who acts like a dog), brave and intelligent but cheerful and optimistic – Alyx will often lighten the mood in dire situations but also stays on task to the goals at hand. But to brass tax the most important thing that makes her so special is that as an NPC in a game as epic and unconventional and Half Life she holds her weight and then some. Never do you have to worry about if Alyx Vance will survive in a co-op mission, but rather if she’ll stop saving your booty throughout the game. Where you readers are done here, please write to Valve and tell them to stop try to make a console and start finished up the Half Life series – I want to have more adventures with  Alyx Vance before I’m 80 please.