Let’s Review: For Honor



Hey kids, do you want a post apocalyptic game that has nothing to do with nukes, demons, magic, or super duper sci-fi influences. Well at the same time having one of the most well made combat mechanics to date, but still gives you an option to spam quick kills. Then fokes, For Honor maybe for you in our latest Game Review.







Games and Gears (of 2017): For Honor



This only thing missing from this melee are Pirates, maybe they’ll be an added faction for their first DLC.

Armada’s E3 picks: For Honor. (TBA)


Ladies and gentlemen we have become spoiled in our combat in recent times. Killstreaks, Nanotech suit abilities, paint based special weapons – even automatic firearms make taking out opponent’s a snap no matter the skill level. In For Honor all those things don’t exist. To win a fight you need strength, cunning, and a melee weapon. Choose between three factions of the world’s most brutal martial warriors: The Legions (Knights), The Warborn (Vikings), and The Chosen (Samurai) each with their own fighting style, armors, and weapons. From there you attack or defend and meet your enemies on the field of battle. Using the game’s ‘Art of Battle’ system, your strikes and defenses with be critical against other players. If your attacks are effective then the opponent(s) will weaken and be less effective in battle, however if they can properly defend against your attacks then they’ll be able to strike back hard. With what seems like 4 vs 4 games, with and emphasis of true skillful play, For Honor will be the next pro game for pro players whenever it decides to come out.