The Great Votetonting – 2012 United States Elections


Yes ladies and gentlemen today is the day (at least in the states) where we elect the president for the next four years. Now, as we all know, this year’s been a little rough because of all the commercials, debates, and name calling. Even was effected too; from little girls to our own True Backlash who swore he would punch his computer if he saw one more Mitt Romney commercial on you tube. I talked him down and said after everyone votes for  Barack Obama today everything will get back to normal.


I kid, I kid: the electoral process a fundamental right of all American citizens, that gives power to the people and chance to decide how their government is ran. Who they want to vote (and essentially represent them) for in the process is up to them and no man can make them do otherwise (but seriously vote Obama).  However since we won’t be able to experience this kind of madness for at least four more years here’s some of my favorite you tube  findings I’ve, well, found. Consider it a rewarded for voting today. Enjoy!