Trailer-Rama: King Doctor Justice Woman


Comic-con is good for all sorts of things; and since we don’t read comics here, we’ll be checking out whole slew of trailers from the event – Enjoy!






Trailer-Rama: The Suicide Rouge Trek Beyond the Shadows



Well people it looks like Hollywood wants more money. Thanks to the new, and impressive, trailers that just came, out they’ll be getting ours in the nearby future. Oh well, at least I’ll be entertained while going cash poor. 


I AM BATMAN watching a trailer


What? Really? Again? How is he getting into my stuff?

Trailer–Rama: Edge of Tomorrow


Who doesn’t like paradoxal-temporal war movies; not me that’s who. In ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Tom Cruise plays Bill Cage a vanilla everyman until he gets drafted into war against unknown aliens invading the earth. No sooner do they outfit him into an Exosuit and drop him into the battlefield, he dies. Shows over right? Nope. As it turns out Cage has contracted ‘Phil Connors from Groundhog’s Day’ disease and now every time he dies the day restarts. So now Cage and Special Forces solider Rita Vrataski use his special ability to make him a stronger, more deadly, fighter every time he dies. However with an alien army seemingly unstoppable can two people, no matter the do-overs, stop the end of world or will it be Cage’s fate to be its eternal wittiness over and over and over again.




Trailer-Rama: Godzilla (2014)


In books, games, and movies things that end the world sometimes are, admittedly, pretty lame if you think about. Zombies: they’re slow, stupid, single-minded, and they can’t use stealth; Monkeys: seriously, monkeys – I don’t care if a ‘virus’ killed 99% of the human race if the 1% still have the use of guns and access to ammo then guess what, man will still be on top of the food chain. That being said something are more believable and could doom us all like Terminators (Google already bought a robotic factory and already making robots so yikes) or Godzilla which is a subject of Trailer-Rama today. Yes they’re trying the old giant radioactive lizard again after the 90’s Godzilla movie and the Saturday morning cartoon (yes I’m a fan so sue me). However this variation of the big G will be based on the classic 1950’s original – meaning less humor, more thriller drama with maybe a lesson thrown in. The trailer is definitely impressive and it is a giant beastie trying to wreck up the place; so I’m going to watch this movie and see which Godzilla film is superior in resent times. It’s got a long road to go since they won’t be reprising Matthew Broderick role as the worm guy, but I won’t hold it against them.




Trailer-Rama Week (Part Deux): Pacific Rim


I said it before and I’ll say it again: giant robots + aliens = awesome! Pacific Rim is only two month away people, only two months to away.





Trailer-rama – Man of Steel

Technically there are two versions of the same trailer – this one’s called the ‘Jor-El’ trailer because it has Superman’s genetic father narrating it

You know, between ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ movies are getting more and more epic this year. Not only with comic book characters either, all sorts from established books to sequels of previous awesome films. So I decided to post the trailers of movies that should be on the public radar, because despite on how the actual movies turn out on opening day the trailers are good enough to give it a chance: First up, Man of Steel (a.k.a. Superman). So after the “final” movie of the Dark Knight trilogy Christopher Nolan must’ve said to himself: “Hey – doing a brooding Superhero was fun, let’s try Superman!” and boom Man of Steel is in post-production. Now I’m not quite sure if this is a sequel to ‘Superman Returns’ but I highly doubt it; like ‘Batman Begins’ this will probably be a fresh start (story wise) for red caped wonder. Will the same tricks used in the Dark Knight be used here, or will this series follow its own path to cinematic greatness? For now all we have to go on is this tease of a trailer(s) – enjoy!



And this one’s called the ‘Jonathan Kent’ trailer because it has the father who raised him narrating it