Let’s Watch: Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference of 2016

E3 2016


And… DONE!!! WOO HOO!  Finally I’m free! First of all, thank you all Armada loyal for sticking with me through this, I’m glad E3 is only once a year.

The editing, was, unending… But worry not, next year will be much better, because I’ve learned a lot through my trials and tribulations.

Soon Video Game Armada will be back to full strength with LPL’s, Reviews, Batman (maybe), walkthroughs (definitely), and all the good stuff in life.

Now as for the Nintendo E3 press conference, I held off my rating until I watched the whole weeks worth of content (the video here is only the first day – heavily edited). Now that I have, and the event is long past done, I’ll pass my Judgement.

For what they showed it was great, especially the new Zelda title, which I might actually pick up and play.

However I found their show overall lacking in cool meaty details that you know they have like, I don’t know, the NX, for example (I understand why they didn’t as Sony & Microsoft are already combating the NX’s eventual arrival with their 2.5 consoles).

It also lacked the showmanship of previous transmissions as well, so Nintendo, unfortunately didn’t win E3 this year. That goes to Microsoft,  for having the right amount of interesting titles, energy of their press event, and no girl wood (sorry, last time).

Anywho, now that I’m finally done it’s back to business as usually at the Armada – stay tuned.






Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta 2 (Part 4)


Boss fight tyme! Don’t worry though, when it comes to big, long, floppy things Bayonetta is a pro at handling them.

Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta 2 (Part 3)



You know who’s got some serious brass balls? Bayonetta. Too bad they’re inflamed.

Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta 2 (Part 2)


Last time we left off Bayo’s sister, Jeannenene, got her soul blasted out her body; in which got snatched up by the underworld soon after. Can’t let that stand so she’s hunting down a door that will take her to the underworld to save her. But forget all that – look! A squirrel with bling on it! AMAZING!

Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta 2 (Part 1)


We finished the first game so it was only a matter of time before we got back to Bayonetta. This time around though I got Blu as my wing man (woman?), so will she like the game or will she be offended by the huge amounts of T&A&T&T&A&T? Let’s find out as we begin Bayonetta 2.

W.S.B.M: Xenoblade Chronicles X


W.S.B.M, or What Santa brought me, is one part mini review and the other part showing off what I got for Christmas. I usually write these but like I said in the previous video, a new year, a new Video Game Armada. Enjoy!

Armada’s E3 picks: Xenoblade Chronicles X (12/04/15)


This title will be the beginning twilight of the Wii U. if you missed it the Nintendo X (or NX) is the name of the next great console from Nintendo, but we won’t know anymore until next year. As such the Wii U days will be numbered, sad but exciting, because at the very least the NX will be an upgraded version of the Wii U. At most it will the most powerful (if not the most creative) console on the market; either way the 3rd party developers will not have any more excuses. Anywho (and Speaking of big giant robots) Xenoblade Chronicles X will be large, open world adventure where players are newly awaken in an alien world of Mira after escaping the destruction of Earth. With what’s left of humanity you help create a new home by finding more survivors, exploring the planet, and of course taming the wild beasties of Mira. The bad news about that though is some of the creatures are several stories tall, but the good news is that we get awesome mechs (called Skells) to help fight them off with (eventually). All of the this people is merely the beginning of the game too. Like I said the game is large and between going on sub quests, customizing yourself and your mech, recruiting characters, discovering lore, and possibly encountering the same alien forces that obliterate the earth Wii U owners will definitely have something to play throughout Christmas season.


And with that I’m done with my E3 picks for this year, even with doing it (almost) every day it took a while. Since it’s almost the end of the summer we all got to get ready for the Fall of Games and I, well, I got some CYOA answer keys to make for you guys don’t I – stay tune.




Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta (Wii U version) Conclusion

Well as we reached the end of the game (yes really) I’ve learned a lot from this title: lollipops can help you recover from the gravest of injuries, giving strange black men the remains of angel demons is always a good idea, and of course hair is the greatest power in the universe. Thanks Bayonetta!      

Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta (Wii U version) Part 16


Well people we reached our end, thanks you for…. WHAT! It’s not over yet?! For all that is game, Bayonetta is such tease man… Oh well, let’s beat up daddy.

Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta (Wii U version) Part 15


Forget whatever this building is called, it should be renamed: “The Tower of Pain!!!” You’ll see why in a minute…