Trailer-Rama: Warcraft


Well people Warcraft has broken through again, once by becoming the world most successful MMO to date, and now transcending into the silver screen. That’s right Warcraft the movie is not only a thing, but it has a trailer. Will it become the next Lord of the Rings trilogy, maybe, will there be CGI in it, yes, will I see the movie – you better believe it!




Sweet Christmas: Hearthstone – Goblins vs Gnomes



Ok people some really real honesty here: Hearthstone is not very christmasy, nor is Hearthstone a very fair game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very good game, but if you don’t shell out the bingatude and/or aren’t very lucky you’ll find the game a very frustrating experience. That being said once I saw the trailer for their latest update, Goblins vs Gnomes, it made me re-download the game and try my luck – which was still lame because of my lack of rares in my deck. Still! The trailer is awesome and now my new ringtone, I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’m posting it as a Christmas gift to all the Armada elite out there. No matter what side you’re on (Gnomes FTW), or if it convinces you to play Hearthstone, life is a little better for the mere existence of this trailer. Enjoy!






This just in (Or not) – Wintersday’s is coming to town


Ah the Holidays people, the holidays are here. And there are no better celebrators of various holidays than the MMO market. World of Warcraft alone has created a half dozen real worldesque holidays, but for today let’s focus on Guild Wars 2. The ambitious one-time pay then free to play MMO has already did a Halloween themed event, and the Thanksgiving themed event (sort of), so you knows what coming next – Christmas, of in GW2 continuity, Wintersday. Now don’t get me wrong I love Santa, but Toymaker Tixx gives presents in multiple days instead of just one. And again Santa is traditional with his slay, but Tixx has a  massive airship toy workshop which is just awesome. I wish I lived in Tyria… Well we can do the next best thing between December 14 to January 3 and play there (and get some free holiday swag to boot).



In other news…



So in other worlds its like a normal Wii but smaller, has no wireless internet or online functionally (which is fine – remember video game console), and it only available in Canada (for now). No offense Nintendo but I’ll stick with the Wii U all the same.




This Just In (Or not) – Name which has not been named and change MMO history forever.

The nameless one


Happy Thanksgiving all, I hope you gamers out there are enjoying your day with your friend, family, and your thoughts. I know I am – but the Armada doesn’t stop (well sometimes it does) and if we have something to report on we’ll report. For today it’s about the upcoming MMORPG:  Elder Scrolls Online. Now we all know Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games are pretty static, a dare say timeless, until the end of said game. Whether that’s City of Heroes (R.I.P. we’ll never forget) or the massive multiplayer juggernaut that is World of Warcraft; that world, those characters become part our culture and thus immortal. The good people at Bethesda & ZeniMax Media Inc. is giving one lucky person a chance at immortally by naming the Nameless Mage.  What will you call this hapless hero (I think) Etherson, Æon, Oroborus, Tinky Muffin, whatever – if you win this contest the name you choose will endure the game’s lifetime and maybe even effect players quests.  So fight that turkey coma with some hot tea, Borderlands 2, and a good ol’ fashioned essay  – fun!



Gameroween 2012 – Video Game Characters that make awesome costumes (Day 16)


Well this is it my friends, Halloween is today and let me guess you waited til the last minute again (actually because of Superstorm Sally a lot of neighborhoods in the states have rescheduled trick or treating to next week so you slackers have some time yet. Still…); don’t worry once again Armada gots your back with the easiest costume yet: an NPC. NPCs, or non-player characters, are the epitome of background character in a video games. They come in many shapes, sizes, races, realities and can be found in almost any game played. They’re quirky, informative, malicious, devious, noble, loving, spirited, and much much more. In fact the only thing an NPC can never be is a player character – until now. For a person going as an NPC for Halloween is as easy as wearing whatever you want and given handy advice to anyone you want. When they ask why, say you’re doing your duty as an NPC from your favorite video game. They’ll ether respect you or call you lazy, but hey you didn’t have to spend any money of your costume – which makes you a genius, congratulations!


And with that marks the end of this year’s Gameroween costume choices, so now get out there and represent video games with honor, respect, classiness, and freak out a bunch of little kids too. Remember stay true to the holiday, mwa ha ha!





Now here a perfect example of a real life NPC, provided by Alain-Christan. Eye catching stance, unusual hat and of course the tell tale exclamation point over the head.That always means a quest to do, or that you’ve been discovered while sneaking around.




Characters of Color – Mr. T




Geez… How did I miss this last year, how did I almost miss this – this year? Ladies and gentlemen, I truly apologize for my lack of vigilance and total ineptness for not featuring this guy the first thing out. He is quite possibly the most famous (and awesome) character of color ever, the one, the only: Mr. T. His real name is Laurence Tureaud and despite his hard luck beginnings he rose to prominence then to a full fledged icon. No one man has done as much as he has over his 60 years of life, don’t think so, here is a short list of his accomplishments (note: this info comes from both Wikipedia and IMDB):



Seriously this guy is no joke cool; he was the personal body guard to Muhammad Ali, has a photographic memory,  in his life he was in court 200 times for lawsuits and won all of them, voted the fourth most influential American in history, and was diagnosed with cancer in 1995 and beat it like a rented mule six years later. If I couldn’t convince you all that Mr. T is a living legend and the embodiment of the American dream all rolled into one then check out the Original Mr. T fact generator for more information. I swear I couldn’t tell you who would win in a fight between Chuck Norris and Mr. T, but the conflict could tear the fabric of space and time apart – and if that happens you know the Armada would cover it live.


(Oh yes, thank you Linkara for your video last week (and this week as well). It reminded me how BA B.A. Baracus is)





WTF/FTW – Chuck Norris + World of WarCraft = Duh, Winning!

Sure it’s only a commercial, and yes he’s doing things not possible in the game (yet), but dang it –it’s Chuck Norris!