WTF (Seriously): Tank brake test


This is crazy people, but hey, if it went wrong they would look good in their mass funeral. And now while you watch this video above, ten sentences to go along with this very WTF video:


10. Why did the chicken cross the road? To avoid the speeding Tank about to hit those people.


9. Rock, Paper, Scissor, Tank!


8. Say Cheese, er, Tank!


7. The earth is moved for me too, in fact, it still is.


6. Tank me? No, tank you!


5. Don’t tread on me!


4. They said I could get my suit permanent press forever if I stand right here.


3. Tiananmen Square? Never heard of it!


2. It can stop on a dime. Where’s the dime, in my pocket of course.


1. Ok our raid group is ready to go, where’s the tank?!




WTF/FTW: Accidental Mutant Hater


So if you guys didn’t know there is a song written by Brad Paisley and featuring LL Cool J about how some old fear and prejudices still play apart in people’s daily lives. It’s called ‘Accidental Racist’ and as you can imagine its sparked two things in people: controversies and parodies. Accidental Mutant Hater is one such parody. Made by ‘ItsJustSomeRandomGuy’, it highlights the true plight of superpower mutants compared to super powered non-mutants. And when I say ‘highlights the true plight’, I mean dig and jab into their competing comic book properties like they always do, but this one’s set to music. Enjoy!







WTF/FTLOZ – The Harlem Shake


OK people when I first commended on Gangnam Style (never mind the pirate speak, it was talk-like-a-pirate day) I thought it was a quirky, wacky, music video that I just didn’t get (though it grew on me over time). However at least is was entertaining, at least PSY was talented, and least the Gangnam Style video was made with actually effort. The Harlem Shake, a beyond inane ‘dance’ with ‘music’, is the anti-Gangnam Style. I’m serious, it’s possible the worst thing I’ve seen (creatively) on YouTube. It is so bad I’ve had to create a new segment called WTF/FTLOZ, or What the Freak / For the Love of Zod, whose purpose is to highlight the very worst of the net – and the Harlem Shake is the inaugural subject because it’s just awful… But the scary thing is people its spreading, not only is it gaining popularity on the YouTube but people are starting to create off shoots ( a few examples below)- why, WHY! Please people stop the madness for the Love of Zod, go back and watch Gangnam Style, watch Epic Rap Battle, heck even watch the Annoying Orange Show, anything, but don’t watch or support The Harlem Shake – it is evil.




Now ‘this’ one, I like.

WTF/FTW – Mr.T getting some nuts


After the one man muscle band, starting Terry Crews, I feel it was appropriate to show one of my favorite WTF/FTW ever. People have you ever been on a team sport and you got stuck with that one guy that every little (and I mean very little) bump or trip was a matter of life or death? Yeah I hated those guys too, well in this WTF/FTW momment Mr.T confronts one such loser and reads him the riot – and offers a product placement at the same time. Pity this fool people, pity this fool.




WTF/FTW – One man muscle band: featuring Terry Crews


There are no words, only this…





WTF/FTW – Madea’s Witness Protection movie


Tyler Perry is known for two thing the movies he acts, directs, and produces in and the Mabel ‘Madea’ Simmons character he portrays in said movies. Now for many people those works (and the character) are hit & miss, but in this latest chapter simply titled ‘Madea’s Witness Protection‘ the very outspoken Madea must take in the family of a financial wizard because they’re being hunting by the Russian mob.  This is interesting enough considering the usual focus of Madea movies, but add to the fact that the financial wizard is Eugene Levy of American Pie fame and all I got to say is WTF/FTW.