This just in (Or not) – Team Fortress 2 news



Ah Team Fortress 2, I can always count on you to make things ez 4 me. How so today, well, they’re now available to play on Linux based computers so now no one’s safe from getting shanked from the Spy’s Knife. But wait, what if you already play TF2 on PC (windows) or Mac and want new costumes/hats and plan to get BioShock Infinite – well I got some good news for you. If enough players pre-order BioShock Infinite on Steam then they will unlock the newest batch of TF2 BioShock Infinite hats for those who pre-ordered like “The Pounding Father” or “The Person in the Iron Mask”. Pre-orderers also have a chance to unlock the original BioShock and X-Com: Enemy Unknown as well, so you Steam punks out there get ordering. Make the heavy proud.