Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Titan from Titanfall)


Robots are awesome, period, exclamation point. If they didn’t want to kill us so many times in fiction I would be an advocate for not the fast tracking of robots being made but having two in every house hold. Oh well I guess I can settle for anime mecha, robot movies, and Halloween. However with so many choices in the cybernetic costume arena which does one pick? Well people if I could make a suggestion, how about the Titans from Titanfall. Sure they’re not shape changing aliens from a mechanized planet, or time traveling killers from a post-apocalyptic age; but they are giant, bipedal, combat ready, tanks that can tip the scales in any militaristic engagement. They come in three flavors: the well balanced Atlas, the lithe Stryder, and (my personal favorite) the unstoppable Ogre. They have their strengths and weaknesses but once you see one, and you don’t have one, it’s over. Creating an accurate Titan costume is next to impossible; however if you put in the effort and love big, giant, robots, then your Titan will be glorious. Just don’t try arriving to your Halloween function via orbit, Titanfall technology sadly doesn’t exist yet.




Gift guide for great gamers: Titanfall



The intro to Megas XLR said it best: chicks dig giant robots! Actually everyone digs giant robots because robots are awesome and making them giant is the most logical choice. Since Mech Assault went the way of the dodo there was a huge lack of giant fighting robo games out there, it took a while but there coming back thanks to Titanfall. A game that’s very Call of Duty-ish (with some Brink thrown in for taste) but instead of getting kill-streaks for doing a good job you get to summon a war machine from the heavens to lay waste to your enemies. Add to the fact of the game’s multiple modes and the ability to unlock other powerful advantages as you play and you come to find Titanfall does Advanced Warfare better than Advanced Warfare. Sadly the game’s only for Xbox One owners & online is required but like life, gaming can be unfair.

Mini Game Review: Titanfall



Never mind the 75+ awards it won last year, never mind the other critics saying that it’s more than what I’m about to say, never mind the hype and listen to your good old friend the One, True, Omnigamer: Titanfall is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with MechAssault with a hint of Brink added in – and that’s it.




Not that’s a bad thing mind you, like CoD games; Titanfall is incredible amount of fun. The combat is well-balanced as players control the agile, adaptable pilots and imposing, game changing Titans. The battlefields are large and varied (they had to be for mech fighting action) so smart pilots can create ambushes or quick escapes when things don’t go your way and Titan can use buildings for cover against enemy Titans or pilots with anti-mech weapons. They even done new things like streamlined the story into the multiplayer (due to the fact that Titanfall doesn’t have a single player) so while you’re fighting they play through the story. Sadly though people with something like this, I expected more. This is a flagship title for the new Xbox One; a physical reason why players (despite the controversies) choose this system over the PS4. Everything said and done, through the standard multiplayer match types, the uninventive weapons, the cookie cutter class customization, and not even a graphical update – Titanfall doesn’t measure up as next gen.







Fun’s fun but now is the time to step it up, and today this title fails. Fortunately its pluses out weight’s its minuses so it doesn’t fail outright and the game could become next gen thanks to future DLC (or at least expand the story), but for right now this game ain’t worth the $60 plus tax (thankfully for me I got the Xbox One Titanfall bundle, so basically I got the game for free). Rent it, have fun for a weekend, then return it; the future is now – but not here. Yet.







Wow, Really… – People got Xbox One earily (Yay!) & but got banned for live for doing so (Boo!)



Yeah, you read right. Some in lucky souls who pre-ordered from Target got their Xbox Ones’ 13 days sooner than expected. And you would think they wouldn’t able to use it online because Xbox live isn’t properly formatted to the new system yet (or so Microsoft says), but nope at least one user was able to log on & have fun almost straight out of the box. You know people after the whole ‘always online’ debacle a lot of fellows gamers said they wouldn’t give the Xbox One the time of day. I knew though that the system was pretty awesome and I wanted it even a little more than the PS4; my point is that the people who got the Ones confirmed what I already knew – the latest Xbox console is a real winner. The one player in particular couldn’t stop tweeting about the fun he was having, so one more point for the Omnigamer.  Honestly Microsoft’s console could use this good press since its rep been talking a beating… That’s why they shut down all the early Xbox One owners  from live until the launch date  of the console(which is 11/22), which is now causing those people to take their frustration to the internet… Smooth move, Micro, smooth move… Oh well, at least the early reports of the console is good – I still call that a win.




Game Preview – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Demo


Well people the summer is almost over and you know what that means, ‘the Fall of Games’ will be here soon. And what better game to kick of the onslaught of gaming goodness than robots in disguised – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.  Now this is one of the games I’ve said to look out for in the past and they’re already gearing up to bring it to players and fans in this sizzling sequel. Providing more information and trailers are key, but what really whet an appetite is a pre-launch demo which as of 2 days ago have also been provided to gamers worldwide. Now I’m not saying the demo perfect; it not very smooth looking (hopefully the game on actual disc improves that), the story playthroughs end waaaaay to soon, and of course you can only get to level 6 in the multiplayer and only have two modes of game play for said multiplayer. But I say this, in the small glimpse I saw of the game through the demo I know we’ve found a winner. Words are cheap however, play the demo yourselves (download at Xbox live/PSN) and see why Transformers are (and always shall be) awesome.




Game Review: Bejeweled Blitz – Gems are a gamer’s best friends


Well people I got to admit something, I’ve not been giving my 110% to Armada lately – I’ve been busy. With what? Video Games of course! It was a perfect storm of digital goodness that had me powerless against its will. Even now the call to play is wearing me down – but my duty as a Journalist outweighs my want to Omnigame. So to that effect I’m going to review the three games that entrapped me so, both as a testament to their fun and a warning about playing them: you will get sucked in. First up, Bejeweled Blitz.



Now the game series Bejeweled shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone who owns a computer and had some time on their hands, but just in case: Bejeweled, a game created by PopCap Games, is a colorful puzzle series that involves matching gems ala Dr.Mario. Like most puzzle games Bejeweled doesn’t have a story or purpose per se, but rather impressive visuals reactions to matching jewels together. You wouldn’t think that would be enough to keep this series afloat but over 10 years they had multiple versions and sequels on variously platforms: even spawned a few knock offs. So yeah Bejeweled is a good puzzler. However I think they struck gold with this rendition because Bejeweled Blitz is both fast paced and very addicting.


Bejeweled Blitz, like its predecessors, is a tile-matching puzzle games that disappear when you match three of a kind. If you match more, or two at the same time you get special gems that cause destruction on the board in one form or another (often causing very colorful explosions) when matched. Of course more gems come failing down to replace the ones destroyed so players can never clear the board. No – the goal is to get as many points as you can in 60 seconds, and that’s it. Now most veteran gamers may laugh at this simple mission statement at first, but then few rounds turns into fifty, then into a hundred, and before you know it you’ve spent hours playing this game at 60 second intervals –  it happen to me. To add strategy (yes strategy) to the mix, players can choose to spend coin on various power ups before each game. They can add multipliers gems, detonators, board scramblers, and more. If your really lucky however, you can buy special comic animals (that’s not there official name but that’s what I’m calling them) when they appear. They’re expensive and one time use but they do rack up the points in very creative ways. Finally, and this is where the draw comes in, once you’re ready for prime time you can take your skills online and complete for the high score. Since Blitz is tied to Facebook, anyone of your with Facebook friends can see your score and tried to take you down. No joke people, my reign as number one in Blitz was destroyed by aunt. Weather by luck or skill, it was what it was and made me play harder to get the number one back.






Bejeweled Blitz is about as addicting as any downloadable game you can buy today (its even free via apple store). The effects of every match is pleasing, the tempo of the music going faster and faster as the timer gets closer to zero gets the juices pumping, and the online one upmanship between online friends just makes playing all the better. Seriously it would have been perfect if it had a bit more substance to it (all the Bejeweled games actually); but that’s just splitting hares – download this game now and join in the addiction.



Xbox 360 – The lo down


You know, I like all the current the home consoles right now, they are really quite balanced. However for those who are planning to buy a system and need a little straight information on each on you come to right place. The next three entrees will be devoted to a mini-look of the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 (and your welcome); they won’t be technical or in depth but they will be all based on the opinion of a gamer who was all three and skilled in their use, yours truly. Let’s get started with Xbox 360.

Strengths: The king console in the states, their library of current generation games come 2nd to none. Racing, Beat’em ups, Action, Adventure, Role Play, Shooter (home of Halo), you name it’s there. I dare say it’ll fit anyone who buys one, even little kids. While I never commend Halo to a child (not until your 13 young man) it’s no trouble download a simple yet fun game from Xbox 360 Arcade so they can have fun and learn the gaming basics – got to strafe before you frag after all. Which bring me to my next point; this console had the best online network on consoles – Xbox live. One could download game demos, TV shows, movie trailers, Xbox original games like Crimson Skies have video chats with friends, have limited connectivity to one’s PC to extent the 360’s media abilities, and of course, play against people online. Even when users fill up their current memory storage unit they can always buy more so they don’t have to erase anything important like south park episodes or your latest recording run-through of Burnout Paradise. Finally 360’s are quite affordable right now pricing at $250-$350

Weakness: As good as the 360, does have a few problems. The biggest is the ‘Red Ring of Death’; now thanks to God, I never had the problem personally with my machine but it has happened to many others (my condolences). When players would see this ring (which is 75% of a ring actually) it would mean the end of your machine, nothing would work. The worst part is that the number of 360 with the ring was surprising high. Fortunately Microsoft has been very supportive of this condition and extended the general warranty to three years for this problem as well as taken steps to make future 360’s would work property. Another issue I have is that while I’m paying for Xbox live (Gold membership baby) I seem to be bombarded with lag, ALL THE TIME! It’s like I’m give Microsoft money to waste my time, and that’s just sick! Oh well… when I do find a good, lag free game it does run well.

Overall: Xbox 360 is an excellent machine that runs well, has a good library of games and online options up the wazoo. It’s only place the 360 has little fan base is in Japan for some reason; but if you don’t live there then you don’t have a problem. I’ll say it straight – if you can’t find a Wii (or don’t like to excise) and still think the Playstation 3 isn’t worth it then buy the 360, you can’t go wrong.